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  1. Aldenkynan

    WIP Summoner Expansion

    Ok, am I the only one who thinks that the summoner class needs expanding on? Players who want to do summoner runs have a very hard time starting off. The chance of the Slime Staff dropping is minuscule, and there’s a HUGE gap between the start of Pre-Hardmode and the defeating of the Queen Bee...
  2. Aldenkynan

    New Event - The Blizzard! (hear me out plz)

    I know what you were thinking as soon as you saw this thread. “Is this guy stupid or what? We already have blizzards.” No, I’m not stupid. Yes, I know what I’m doing. I don’t think it’s safe to call a useless side effect to rain that’s capable of spawning ONE MOB an event. I hope you can see...
  3. Aldenkynan

    WIP The Obsidian Castle - Restoring the Underworld's Significance

    Ok, I'm going to assume you know about the Underworld. If you don't, it's a lava-filled biome with demons. This biome is essential to progressing in the game. Seriously, you need it. It contains some of the content needed for Hardmode. When I'm talking about "content needed for Hardmode," fifty...
  4. Aldenkynan

    WIP True Copper Set Idea

    First thing, after you read this thread, before you tell me that the sprites are horrible and this is a stupid idea (which is true at the moment), I will update this and make it better. Ok, so this is meant to be for a sense of humor. I have an idea called the True Copper Set. It will consist...
  5. Aldenkynan


    Yes. You could say this is a ripoff of Save the Jungle, but this goes against the Jungle. Let's begin my argument. There is particularly nothing we can do about this, the Hallow spawning in a random place once the WoF has been defeated, but I can still complain. How many times has the...
  6. Aldenkynan


    THIS THREAD IS NOT FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry if sprites break. I will keep replacing them if they break. Feel free to edit sprites! Suppose you're really focused on getting new NPCs, but you have them all. You're going to fight the Moon Lord, but you just want a new NPC as a reward. I...
  7. Aldenkynan

    What I Want In Future Updates

    Topic 1.3 had some awesome updates, but we need more things. We can't leave out too much. This is what I want to be added. You can approve or disapprove in the comments, but I'm not taking out anything unless I change my mind. So here are some things. 1. Hallow I know the Hallow is...
  8. Aldenkynan

    Hallow Upgrades

    Honestly, the Hallow seems to be not as focused on as the Corruption or Crimson. I think it should be worked on for 1.3.4. This is what I think should be added in my opinion. ~ A Hallow related boss. I've been wanting one of those forever. I mean seriously, the Hallow has been itching for its...
  9. Aldenkynan

    Mechanic Drop

    I think NPC's need drops, the clothier being the only one I know of. I'm starting with the Mechanic's drop. Here is what I think Mechanic's Wrench (boomerang) 25 melee damage 8% crit chance Fast speed Weak Knockback Hope you like this! Please ! Leave comments to make this better.
  10. Aldenkynan

    Mushroom Biome Boss

    I have an idea for a boss for the mushroom biome. Basics Name: Alpha Fungor Health: 50,000 HP Mode: Hard Mode Defense: 55 How To Spawn: Fish with Truffle Worm in Mushroom Biome Phases: 2 Damage When Touched: 80 Immune To: On Fire!, Poisoned, Lava, Cursed Inferno, Frostburn 1st Phase HP...
  11. Aldenkynan


    Here are some fish that should be added. ·Turtleback Shellfish: quest item; found by fishing in jungle ·Cactifish: material*; found by fishing in desert ·UFO Fish: quest item; found by fishing during Martian Madness*** ·Mourning Woodfish: quest item; found by fishing during Pumpkin Moon***...
  12. Aldenkynan

    Chaos Shards (Item)

    You should add chaos shards. They will drop 1-3 from Chaos Elementals and will be used to craft the following. Feel free to make any tweaks and/or additons! Please make some of the recipes and/or purposes. I will be changing this according to your comments. The drop rate is 25%...
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