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  1. Termina Moon


    I'd be surprised if I was the only one that had thought of this... Any chance of having a 'greenhouse' biome, or something, where you can make a house mostly from glass and glass walls and when it's NPC ready, could there be some sort of buff that allows for faster plant growth? Just a...
  2. Termina Moon

    Corruption VS Crimson - You Choose

    Hey guys, sorry if this has been discussed before or if it's in the wrong section, but I have a thought. You know how in 1.3, when it's generating a world, it has some pretty graphics showing you if it's Corrupt or Crimson? Showing what you're getting before you've even step foot in the world...
  3. Termina Moon

    Codeglue (Developers) - Your thoughts

    Hey guys! Big Terraria fan here. I've heard some bad things said about the developers 'Codeglue' [namely in the Nintendo announcement thread] - but am looking for specific reasons as to why they 'suck' From what I can gather they do the Mobile version (never played), and the recently...
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