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  1. ZanderMeister

    tModLoader GetWeaponDamage not working

    So, my GlobalItem has GetWeaponDamage method in it, that modifies damage based on ItemInfo property level.On first look, it works, damage property in tooltip changes and everyone is happy, but weapon still strikes with original damage. If you (person, who wants to help, I hope.) need my code, i...
  2. ZanderMeister

    tModLoader Help with GlobalItem

    How do I change vanilla armor's set bonus? I know that there's a UpdateArmorSet hook, but I don't know how to use it properly.
  3. ZanderMeister

    tAPI Need assistance!

    Is there a way to make items hover in air, like souls?
  4. ZanderMeister

    tAPI Need a help with code.Again ._.

    So, i found this code in a Thorium Mod's Projectiles(sorry Sam).When I tried to test it, my bullet neither rotating nor spawn dusts.What can I do? Nevermind, I edited code and its worked
  5. ZanderMeister

    tAPI Need help plz

    How can I check for generating Crimson/Corruption and choose, what ore I need to generate? 4 example, if I have a Crimson in my world, ore 1 will be generated, but if I have a Corruption, will be generated ore 2. help plz
  6. ZanderMeister

    tAPI [SPRITERS NEEDED] Alternativity 0.2

    So, I was playing Terraria with my friend and killing EoC 2 time to get Demonite, but suddenly i got an idea:"Why there's Demonite, but no Angelite?7" and then i started making a mod. ALTERNATIVITY 0.5 What it adds: Analogue for Demonite - Angelit and tools/weapons made of it Analogue for...
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