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  1. kinker31

    PC What set of mods do you usually play alongside Terarria?

    For those who have tModLoader, what mods have you installed and have since then been a mainstay for how you play the game? If you'd also like, you can recommend a mod for those who are reading the thread as well if you think the mod's really fun. My main set of mods: Calamity (+music), Thorium...
  2. kinker31

    Resolved [Help] I'm unable to move or interact with items upon spawning

    Whenver I attempt to load a world with tModLoader 0.11.4, I manage to spawn in, but I'm unable to move left or right, pick up items, or use items, and mobs aside from the guide are completely unable to spawn. I've tried making a new world, making a new character, and even disabling a few mods...
  3. kinker31

    'Ello, peeps.

    I'm kinker31, as the avatar/username might suggest. You might know me from a few places. I figured that since I'm getting back into Terarria (and tModLoader), I may as well join the TerraCrew, 'cause why not? I'm mostly active on the PC version, the console versions just don't really have...
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