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    AMA lonnye, or. lenny you know.

    oh uh. hi. i really, should've made, one of. these ask away i guess
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    Mobile Fallout Shelter

    Fallout shelter is a mobile game, where you the overseer have to watch over your vault, providing with food, power, and water. You can sen- sorry my water treatment had a fire accident, Anyway, i just found out about this game today, its surprisingly fun. oh yeah its free buy it at uhh...
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    Other Art Lenny's terrible drawn MS paint glories.

    so uh, from a simple status to this so requests are open... (pleasegivemerequestsihavenothingtodo)
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    Cross-Platform Mother/Earthbound

    (Why is this a cross platform? Well if you didn't know mother 3 and mother 1 + 2 are both on the GBA.) I actually love mother 3 and i haven't (so far) seen a thread for it so, Yeah... its here i guess. Also can anyone help me on the mecha drago? I've already lost all my thunder bombs on him.
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    PC Is it possible to execute older updates?

    Just a question.
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    How do you think the old man got his curse?

    Just a quick question. Personally i think he found the dungeon himself. then he got attacked by a cursed skull, Instead of getting that one debuff we all hate, he got cursed.
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    Console Your favorite koopaling(s)

    First things first. there are 10 koopalings. Honestly i like Larry and ludvig. The haircut. and the fact of how cool i found them. So who is your favorite koopaling?
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    Best way to kill plantera?

    I've tried the razorblade typhoon. terra blade. and other stuff. still nothing. So im wondering.what is the best way to kill plantera?
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    Serious A house just bursted into flames.

    Well it seems about a while ago a house just burst up into flames. no idea what caused it. i know this is kinda short but i'll see if i can post photos.
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    PC The graphics button

    The graphics of terraria are good in my opinion. But for most nostalgic like players like me like the old graphics so this is a solution to the old vs new graphics And before you say anything Yes i know... this is quite bad as this is my first suggestion. Anyway onto the suggestion. Pretty much...
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    Lenny's (very very) late introduction.

    Oh hey i forgot about this, Well its been like uhhhhhhhh i forgot.. but hi TCF... my name is lenny (most of you guys already know me) I like to sketch things (mainly nintendo stuff) And thats it i guess.
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    Drawings & Paintings Lenny's (ok) art

    well uhhh i guess this is what i call art but first of all most of these are mega man and pokemon (with a few more) also these pictures are huge so i put them in spoilers right now its probably gonna be nothing but this is what i got so far (i hope this actually works)...
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    Resolved [Xbox 360] Very urgent console bug

    (I think i did that right) Anyway this is NOT about me. My friends wanted me to post this, in no way do i own a Xbox. (oh well onto the bug report i guess) Anyway my friends were playing terraria. After leaving their world to go and get lunch or something, they came back joined logged in and...
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    WIP Lenny's Comics!

    First off i don't usually read comi- oh never mind anyways i'm not used to doing this and the paint soft wear i used is ms paint so expect most of these drawings to be bad.... anyways First comic! (and more to come) Comic 1 - Ocean problems Anyway this is technically my first comic which is...
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    Humorous Funniest things you've done with a headset/microphone

    Right now I'm getting a furby to talk on my headset while playing Black ops II
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    Pixel Art recoloring...

    (not sure if this belongs here but err I'll risk it.) (ALSO please note these are my first and these were indeed made on a mac) Anyways these are well... My recolors. Wings and Armor : (these wouldn't work for a spoiler cause I'm stupid with pictures) Weapons and bars : Im still working...
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    Mac What happens when you run Dota 2 on a mac osx

    me playing dota 2 for the first time Man... i can't actually wait for this to load... I'm bored.. when it starts up it crashes.. reset my computer.. then BZHHTHHYHAHHZHHZHZZZZZZZ my mac... sounded like it would explode... so now I'm wondering... should i start up dota 2 again?
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    PS3 Looking to play with people

    First off i got the game a couple weeks ago and i kinda quit it for a while because of mobile hardcore update I only have a staff and well... my enchanted boomerang i lost on my way to kill skeletron My PSN is MarkusVohlkson (old name hur hur hur)
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    Strange looking tombstone?

    Nevermind i found out what it was...
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