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  1. W1K

    tModLoader Boxinator, a mod in a box to make boxes for boxing (aka lazy instant houses)

    □¯¯¯□□□□□□□□□□ □ Boxinator \□ □ TTd□ □¯¯¯□□□□□□□□□□ This was initially a commission made by @Abyssal_Kutku but it seemed like more people than I initially expected had been looking for something of the sort, so here it is and on a thread of its own, mainly for visibility. Introducing...
  2. W1K

    tModLoader W1K's Mod Redux

    (click here for the old tAPI thread) Always accepting coding commissions. Trailer courtesy of @LordDark4 Outdated fancy custom bosses video Weapon Demonstration (Magi Musket), Weapon Demonstration (Phoenix Breath) Back once again, like a very lazy phoenix, with the project which took more...
  3. W1K

    W1K's once again workshop of TCF GIF Avatars resizing.

    Hello fine men and gentleladies. I've been intending to port this tiny small little project of mine from TerrariaOnline for a while now. Laziness is a horrible beast but luckily today it's on vacation. As most people might know (and if you don't, I'm telling you now), TCF profiles do actually...
  4. W1K

    Other Art Lunatic Generator: A Terraria Pixel Art Masher

    "Why is this here in the art section?" Quite fun you ask, fine chap. I used my limited resource of common sense to determine this program takes pixel arts, it mashes them into new pixel arts, its designed to do nothing but provide visual entertainment. Hence, art section. It's a program, like...
  5. W1K

    tAPI W1K's Prime Needs - Prime Needs for your Primary Needs

    A mod for your needs for primary needs With third party mods support We all love sandbox games, we love Terraria because it's a sandbox game. A lot of games following the same genre (take example Minecraft) have fully implemented simple and effective survival elements to make their own games...
  6. W1K

    tModLoader A thread about W1K's inhuman skill of turning money into codes

    Note: Dear moderators, I have no clue if this is the right section for it, if not feel free to move to off-topic. The name of the thread says it all. Kinda. You got some extra dollas and want a mod for your own personal needs? This is the right thread for you. I have been coding since I was a...
  7. W1K

    tAPI W1K's Sizable Variety Package

    (click here for the original tConfig thread) Currently accepting coding commissions. Trailer courtesy of @LordDark4 Kinda outdated fancy custom bosses vid. What is this fancy thread and why am I here? Quite fun you ask, fine internet person. This is the, we could say, third coming of the...
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