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  1. TheUberCannon

    Personalized Boss Drops

    Every copy of Terraria is personalized. Re-Logic's experimental AI adapts and subtly creates a slightly altered version of the game tailored specifically for you, appealing to you subconsciously in ways you don't even notice, as well as attempting to mess with you and study how you react to it...
  2. TheUberCannon

    The Wu-Tang Name Generator

    It's simple. All you do is go here, input your name, and let it go. Showing your real name is optional. I'll start: Tuff Observer
  3. TheUberCannon

    Describe the above user with a pun

    Simple, do what the title says. You start.
  4. TheUberCannon

    Post an image that relates to the image above

    So, the rules are: 1. You post an image that relates the above user's. 2. Feel free to use funny imagery. 3. Follow the usual forum rules. 4. Use legal imagery. 5. If you can't find an image that relates to the above, type "-snip-" and post any image to start a new train of images. Example: User 1:
  5. TheUberCannon


    In this forum game, you post error windows with this site. I go first. http://atom.smasher.org/error/?icon=tux&style=xp&title=Error&url=&text=Penguins+are+invading+your+computer.&b1=Cancel&b1g=x&b2=Defend&b2g=x&b3=Abort&b3g=x EDIT: I failed this time. The site doesn't even support hotlinks, so...
  6. TheUberCannon

    Casual Do you like any of your own photoshops?

    Title explains it all. Mine is this photoshop where I took Mario's fire flower and slapped Flowey's face on it. Makes me wanna do an animation with it, but I can't yet. And yet I still crave to slap more Flowey faces on more 8-bit flowers.
  7. TheUberCannon

    The YEE-ifier

    Simple. Show me a picture and I'll give it some Yee. None to edit yet
  8. TheUberCannon

    Reply the above user's avatar with a video

    Simple, reply to the above user's avatar with any video. As long as it has your reaction. NO 18+ CONTENT, OR GABEN WILL STEAL YOUR WALLET. Nobody to reply to, yet.
  9. TheUberCannon

    Kill it or Keep it?

    As the title explains, you post something that is supposedly scary (no creepypastas pls). And the above user decides if he wants to kill the thing, or keep it alive/as a pet. You should also describe the name of what you posted. I'll start: A Gharial
  10. TheUberCannon

    Reply to the above user's avatar with a picture

    Title explains everything, you take an image and upload it as a reply to the above user's avatar. Animated GIF's allowed. You people start this
  11. TheUberCannon

    Reply to the above user's avatar with a picture

    Simple, all you have to do is.. Well, you'll see just from the title. Nobody to reply to yet.
  12. TheUberCannon

    Make an edit of the above poster's username

    Simple as the title explains. Example User 1: The Can User 2: Hats4Never User 3: SnowChaos And so fourth. This time, you guys start.
  13. TheUberCannon

    Fix a Downside & Make a Downside

    All rules apply just the same as this old thread. So, i'll start: You'll instantly become the highest rank, but you might be pointlessly reported for hacking.
  14. TheUberCannon

    Who's that character?

    Self explanatory, you take an image of a character, color the character black, and let the users guess. If 3 users guessed on your image, revert the image to normal and show it and the answer. I'll start with something simple:
  15. TheUberCannon

    Casual What if Terraria had Lego sets?

    Just came in my brain. So, what if Re-Logic and the Lego company make Lego Terraria sets? It'd be very amazing indeed in my opinion. Oh man this is gonna be one hell of amazement.
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