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  1. critcodedtuna

    Tool Planning: Cross-platform world interface (DLL)

    This week I've started a new project that may make designing worlds much easier. Consider if you will: A pluggable core for world editors. Start with a single DLL, and use your favorite language and framework to build an editor or other useful application around it without needing to reinvent...
  2. critcodedtuna

    PC Thoughts on Multiplayer Farming -- Opinions Wanted

    Over the last couple weeks, I've been hosting a multiplayer mediumcore co-op playthrough with a friend, and it's been a good opportunity to take the engineering approach to some of the more dangerous stuff, particularly the Pumpkin Moon and Frost Moon. One of the things we've learned by trial...
  3. critcodedtuna

    PC NoGore - Removes Gibs from Terraria (

    Slightly squeamish, even with cartoonish body parts? Tired of the the mess enemies leave behind? Just not fond of the neverending barrage of flying body parts? This texture pack will replace all the gib sprites with transparent images to make them invisible. To use: Locate your Terraria...
  4. critcodedtuna

    {Personal Profile} critcodedtuna

    Me, in short: Living in Pennsylvania, USA. Former full-time IT whipping boy. Part engineer, part artist. Occasional programmer, hacker, tinkerer. Possibly a bit too much free time on my hands. Terraria stuff: I've played since release. I've gotten far more interested in the inner...
  5. critcodedtuna

    PC A useful tool for builders - Magnifying Glass

    I enjoy building and creating. What I don't enjoy is coming back to and old project and having to ask myself, "What block was that? What color paint did I use?" I can break stuff with a pick or hammer to see what drops, but figuring out paint is often trial and error to get just the right...
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