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  1. TheJoekster

    Story Spires (A Nine-Part Story)

    Hello! This is my sixth fifth sixth written piece here. One may also notice that it's my first fully fleshed-out written piece here. Yep, chapters. This is a bit of a backstory to my previous piece, 'The Obelisk'. You can go read that if you want, but you don't need to have read that story to...
  2. TheJoekster

    Short Story The Obelisk

    Hey! This is my fourth fifth short story here - although it's not exactly a short story, it's more of a scene. It's also my longest scene as of yet, but it's still only like a ten-minute read, max. The thing with this scene is that it's my idea for a Moon Lord alt or just a bonus boss. As...
  3. TheJoekster

    Short Story My Final Ultimatum

    Heya! This is my fourth short story here, so far. I've divided it into two manageable sections, but it really isn't too long. Hope someone enjoys it. As always, feedback is welcome. Ciao.
  4. TheJoekster

    Short Story Impending Doom

    How do you kill a god? Happy new year! This is my third short story here. I think I should say that this is less of a short story and more of a scene, but because of a lack of 'scene' prefixes I just chose 'short story'. Anyway, I hope someone enjoys this. Feedback is welcome. I put the piece...
  5. TheJoekster

    Short Story A Quaking from Deep Below

    Second story here, hope someone likes it. I'm experimenting with a different writing style, so help from more experienced peeps is welcomed. This is less of a 'short story' and more of a 'scene', but those aren't an option here so I stuck with 'short story'.
  6. TheJoekster

    Short Story The Color of Nebulae

    I've put the writing in a spoiler for the sake of organization. *exhales* This is my first thread post on TCF - I hope someone enjoys the story. Criticism is most welcome.
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