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    My thoughts on using the Nurse

    See, the whole problem with trying to prevent this kind of cheesing is okay for the first few encounters. But when you're on your 20th go just farming the boss for loot, RNG and this artificial difficulty is just making the fight more fustrating, as you've already seen all there is to see with...
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    Corruption or Crimson? Which do you prefer?

    I prefer Corruption. It's even in name. I prefer Corruption due to the fact that the Crimson, in all honesty, feels kinda... special, if you catch my drift. The enemies or overflowing with a sort of over-the-top grotesqueness that I am completely disgusted or can't take it seriously. Prime...
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    A Progress Update on the Road to 1.3! Pre-Alpha Gameplay Inside!

    I have a major and minor question about the 1.3 update for consoles regarding aesthetics, the former being if effort will be made to sync up the updates between all versions as a part of the "One Terraria" experience, and the latter being if actuated blocks will change to not have that annoying...
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    Greetings, Champions!

    Hello there everyone! My name is Corrupter, and as you can tell, I am new to the Terraria forums. On the topic of interests regarding the game, I love anything corruption themed. On the topic of things outside the game, I just mostly read the weirdest stories I can find. Not anything disturbing...
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