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  1. Ibo

    Mobile Characters & Worlds disappeared!!!

    Wassup fellas, in a pinch here so basically I finished my second run about a month ago, this time with mage class instead of melee. Took a break from the game. 2 weeks later I noticed my phone storage filling up so I mass deleted files, which before hand I made sure to save my important data &...
  2. Ibo

    Mobile About the NPC

    Is there Princess NPC on the current version of mobile terraria? If not, will there be update that includes her?
  3. Ibo

    Resolved [Mobile] PDA & Cell phone aint displayen non

    So basically i finally crafted the cell phone and it aint displaying nothing, I thought it might be somthin in the settings I have missed but I ain't finding non. Thought it might be a bug related to the item so I wemt through the whole process again and crafted the PDA and equipped it, still...
  4. Ibo

    Resolved Gotta buy the game again?

    I gotta new Android phone and logged in with the same account I bought the game like 2 months ago. I cant seem to just install it, its only showing me the option of buying it again??? I rebooted the phone and its giving me the same option is this like a new thing? Where you have to buy it on...
  5. Ibo

    Resolved [Mobile] NPC'S Not Spawning!

    The NPC's dont spawn no matter what I do, I have been playing for 2 weeks now and I am trying to spawn the Merchant and the Nurse in my house regardless of how many life/heart crystals I eat or how much money i gather they wont spawn. At this point i have about 7 gold coins laying on me at all...
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