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  1. Weertangel

    Playing games and enjoying E-sports(SC2)

    Playing games and enjoying E-sports(SC2)
  2. Weertangel

    A Distinctly Etherian Update: Terraria and Dungeon Defenders II Crossover Coming Soon!

    Whoa! i expected alot, but never a cross-over with another game! While i have't read many good things yet about DD2, i might give it a try just for kicks ;) Can't wait for all this fun stuff!
  3. Weertangel

    New 1.3.3 items

    I found the Djinns Curse and loved that item! might also be the first vanity item that also gives u a usefull affect when used in your leg slot(slow Fall) Only a pity its a hardmode items, since then any wings are usually better :S(but i do love the look!) I also love the Basilisk Mount, but u...
  4. Weertangel

    Tips on Purifying a World?

    Here's a tip, check out the Terraria Wiki, it has alot of guides to what to do and should help with crafting needs as well.
  5. Weertangel

    PC 1.3.3 Changelog

    now this is unexpected! can't wait to give it a go, especially since i have a huge underground desert in 1 world of mine :)
  6. Weertangel

    TTT The Terrarian Times: The "Just Deserts" edition

    Great Edition! love the new about the Desert update thats coming(Sand Sharks? seriously???) and hope there's also some new gear to uncover in it :) And i'm definitly gonna check out Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary, couse i love stories, especially in game settings :) Hope that Otherworld will...
  7. Weertangel

    Favorite NPC?

    I like the Steampunker, just the fact a game actually has a Steampunk character without being about it is good eneugh for me :) The angler gets 2nd place couse he always talks like he wants to rule the world, but never does(moon lord in human form?) wich sucks a little.
  8. Weertangel

    Terraria: Otherworld Terraria Otherworld: Bringing You Up to Speed

    Well, i for one am happy we got this update(and nice screenshots!) and for me this is eneugh news for now, since we know it did't fall fall into some lava and got destroyed so can't wait to see how this will turn out, especially the weapon lvling system and the whole Tower Defence idea :) So...
  9. Weertangel

    Terraria: Otherworld Terraria: Otherworld - An Update

    Even Patience has its limits, and a upcoming game that is't talked about eneugh(fans or devs) is a game that does't exist, not even when it is released. and to stay with your plant metaphor theme, a plant that is not watered and cared for is a plant that will die fast without anyone noticing it...
  10. Weertangel

    Terraria: Otherworld Terraria: Otherworld - An Update

    Well, i for one was hyped about it, but since they have gone so silent for such a long time i honestly don't care anymore, i mean, even Blizzard would't be this silent when working on a new game, and they have the same work ethos as the devs here, but at least they try to keep their fans up on...
  11. Weertangel

    Terraria: Otherworld Terraria: Otherworld - An Update

    I was wondering if they were still working on the game since so little info was released but that vid looked amazing and got me exited all over again!! Can't wait!
  12. Weertangel

    The throwable only playthrough

    Good giong! only found 1 so far, but i don't mind. Btw, did't know u were also from the Netherlands pPowersteef.
  13. Weertangel

    The throwable only playthrough

    Ye well, i read faster then i type, so my brain sometimes remembers things different, will correct it.
  14. Weertangel

    Favorite pre hardmode weapons!

    Waterbolt, without a doubt, it just rocks! the space gun also comes in handy as does any Yoyo u find or craft.
  15. Weertangel

    PC Do you analyze your new maps before playing them?

    I mainly run from end to end to see where everything is and check if the crimson/corruption is't to close to jungle, if the res tis good i'll just make some holy water in my 1st world and use it to spread some hallow(it does't expand till u reach hardmode) so that when i kill the wall of flesh i...
  16. Weertangel

    What's your idea for a new minor class?

    Don't know that game,so hope its still a original idea :S
  17. Weertangel

    The throwable only playthrough

    Its good to see that Nageru is still giong strong! i'm sure she will find her Weather radio, just like i probably will, altrough i'm beginning to lose hope :s Btw Ppowersteef, Will Nageru also show her adventures of in the new Contest? couse that would be awsome! I'm sure she would conquer all! :)
  18. Weertangel

    Terraria: Otherworld On a Quest for Otherworldy News!

    Its fun that there's a real quest system now, so can't wait for that,altrough i hope the graphics inprove a little, couse it looks all so thin :S And when this year will it be released? becouse i have't heard about a date yet.
  19. Weertangel

    The throwable only playthrough

    Ah, the final confrotation with the Moon Lord is dawning eh? But will she be able to defeat the Martians if they come looking for her?? PS: go for Possesed hammer from Golem, much better ;)
  20. Weertangel

    The throwable only playthrough

    thats true, but thats personal preference, but so is my trap-preferred style, so no worries :)
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