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  1. SlippyCheeze

    tModLoader variant teleporter appearances mod?

    Hi! I'm wondering if anyone out there has a mod that adds additional teleporter appearances to the game? (eg: identical mechanics, just look different.)
  2. SlippyCheeze

    PC Are Teal (projectile) pressure plates triggered by falling stars (after they are hoiked)?

    I'm curious to know if dropping a shooting star on a teal pressure plate triggers them, as would happen if you hoiked them across a skybridge and then let them fall down toward, say, your base. I can't seem to get it to happen, but it's possible that I'm doing something wrong... If not, is...
  3. SlippyCheeze

    PC Item fall speed?

    Does anyone know, off-hand, what the fall speed of items is? It turns out to be rather difficult to google for thanks to all the player fall speed posts, and I can't find a thread detailing it. Use case: auto-farm for mushrooms / crystals / etc where I would like to have the switch make...
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