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  1. Scironex

    Welcome to Radiant Garden

    This is the area devoted to my surface Hallow base. It came out exceptionally well, so I'm posting it here. The Party Girl's house is supposed to be like a club, with the rainbow bricks being a dance floor.
  2. Scironex

    Sciro's Celestial Q&A

    Ask me what you like. Literally anything that doesn't violate forum rules. Questions that would go beyond PG-13 will not be answered in this thread, but they can be directed at my tumblr - scironex.tumblr.com . Things I won't answer Nothing, at present, but that's subject to change.
  3. Scironex

    Rail Boots

    I don't think I'm the only one who thinks it's really annoying that you can't stand on rails. So my first thought was that you should be able to stand on them. But that would be a really boring and situational accessory. "So are the fishing accessories." Yeah, and we don't need any more of...
  4. Scironex

    Drawings & Paintings Ceci n'est pas les Sprites des Scironex

    GUESS WHO GOT A DRAWN ART THREAD! "I did!" No. No, you didn't. Strawman, get out of here. I got a drawn art thread. It was me. I will look at requests, but only expect me to rarely accept them. When I do, I may or may not notify you. My refusal also occupies such nebulous realms of...
  5. Scironex

    A More Unique Shroomite Revamp

    So, Shroomite. Truly the most garbage of set bonuses. As a preface, I'd advise looking at SzGamer's Variety Rather then Specialization Shroomite revamp. It accomplishes the task of changing the cloak mechanic such that it's actually effective. I, on the other hand, say, "Screw the cloaking."...
  6. Scironex

    A Trio of Endgame Wings.

    Everyone knows about the trio of endgame materials - Shroomite, Ectoplasm, and Beetle Husks. Note that you can also make wings with all these. Shut up. The imbalance of wings in Terraria is a topic for another thread, but I find it dissatisfying that only one of these has a special ability...
  7. Scironex

    Moon Event Crafting Drops

    First a bit of a preface. SzGamer's done a bit for fixing the Raven Staff specifically. It's a good step, but I'd like to go a bit further. Also, LoM2 has done some work for other 1.2 bosses which is worth mentioning. I don't agree with everything there, but it's more than worth a look. On to...
  8. Scironex

    My take on ranger life steal

  9. Scironex

    How do I modify the stats of a vanilla item?

    Resolved! Solution: (Thanks @bluemagic123 !) ItemDef.byType[itemID].damage = whatever; Replace itemID with the item ID, and whatever with the desired damage.
  10. Scironex

    Fixing the Keybrand in the most esoteric way possible

    "This is a bad idea." It's fine, trust me. "I dunno, I don't think people will get it." I guarantee that at least one person will understand. "I'm not so sure." Okay, Strawman, I'm the one making the suggestion here. So shut up. So we all know that the Keybrand is absolute garbage, even if it...
  11. Scironex

    Midas Spawn Rate Boost

    Let me explain. The idea is that while you have an enemy on-screen that's inflicted with Midas, the spawn rate skews towards rare enemies. For example, in the HM Dungeon, The spawn rate of the varying skeletons would decrease, while the spawn rate of casters and ranged skeletons would moderately...
  12. Scironex

    Relics - Summoner's Ore-tier weapons.

    Summoners. The problem of how to adjust and balance their earlygame weapons has been addressed time and time again. I'm just gonna throw my opinion on how it should be solved and leave it for you to judge. First off, using silk in these recipes makes me cringe.The only reason that I'm doing so...
  13. Scironex

    Revolver Staff

    I recently read an idea for a cross-class item combining Ranged and Magic. The item I'm proposing bridges Melee and Ranged. It behaves like a polearm, but when it hits an enemy and there's a bullet in your inventory, it consumes one of them, and gives that bullet's effect and knockback. (and...
  14. Scironex

    Gating the Terra Blade past Plantera

    It's very clear that the Terra Blade is OP and problematic for a variety of reasons. For those that don't know - it's a Post 1-mech tier weapon that's as powerful as Post Plantera weapons. Not only that, but it's also vastly superior to 2 other equal-tiered weapons, and makes them essentially...
  15. Scironex

    Imbued Scabbard

    I was reading another thread when someone brought up the idea an accessory that automatically uses the Ichor Flask. And I thought "Why not? In fact, why not let it auto use any flask?" Imbued Scabbard Accessory "Automatically consumes Melee Flasks." Whenever you strike an enemy with a Melee...
  16. Scironex

    Making Cloud Blocks Really Float

    Building things up in the sky is a pain. "But Sciro, who the hayo builds something in the sky-" I thought I got rid of you in the Spectre Weapons thread, Strawman! Anyway, for one, Yrimir does, and I'm sure that countless others do too. Now shut up. Anyway, I thought what else is in the sky...
  17. Scironex

    Particular Perching Pets (Perhaps Parrots?)

    You know what would be awesome? If parrots perched on your shoulder when you were standing idle. Not the enemies, the pet. While we're at it, why not have the hornet (both pet and minion) do it too? Also ravens, because they fly too. For the minions, this will only apply to the first one...
  18. Scironex

    Confetti Spray

    Me: It would be really cool if there was a flamethrower-style magic weapon. Me, in this thread: There should be a confetti magic weapon. Me, at the time of writing: Introduciiiiiiing the Confetti Spray! Ever wanted a magic spray to pierce enemies? Ever felt like confetti needed a better use...
  19. Scironex

    Water Candle Mechanisms

    The premise is simple: When a Water Candle is triggered with wire, it turns off, taking its debuff with it. (I feel like this post should somehow be longer.)
  20. Scironex

    Bleeding is Terrible. Let's Fix that.

    Or something like that. (Seriously though, check that out. I don't agree with the changes, but it's well thought out.) Here's a solution to both problems. Bleeding will still negate regen, however, when a Bleeding enemy (Or player, for that matter.) dies, it will drop a loads of hearts...
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