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  1. Ecna

    What's the worst luck you've had in 1.3?

    This is a thread for sharing some of your terrible encounters with the RNG recently. I've killed the Moon Lord six times now, and I only have three of his 9 unique drops. Outrageous.
  2. Ecna

    Tips on dodging Martian Saucer's Laser?

    Seriously, this thing is borderline undodgeable. The Saucer moves at such a ridiculous pace that you're going to get hit a lot. And since each hit does about 200 damage, it sometimes feels impossile to kill these things. Edit: This would hardly be a problem if they were more rare, but these...
  3. Ecna

    Minecraft updates vs. Terraria updates

    Minecraft updates: We added bunnies! :D Terraria updates: WE ADDED A MOON LORD, ALIEN INVASION, AND A FREAKING EXPERT MODE. YOUR MOVE, MICROSOFT.
  4. Ecna

    PC Just one Nazar...

    I desperately need a Nazar... it's the last thing I need to complete the Ankh Charm. I'm getting extremely tired of slaughtering uncommon Cursed Skulls for that one rare 1% drop. I have the following items: Keybrand Bone Feather Black Belt Fire Feather Unholy Trident Ice Sickle Bubble Gun...
  5. Ecna

    Lihzahrd Mimic

    Today I present to you a Lihzahrd Mimic. Have you ever been exploring the Lihzahrd Temple and you say "Darn, I need some more Power Cells!" or "Gosh, I want some more traps..." because if so, this suggestion is for you. Also because Gold Mimics in the Lihzahrd Temple are kind of ridiculously...
  6. Ecna

    Post Your Base

    Welcome one and all to the thread where you may display your base for others to see. Whether you post to brag, show off, or compare, this will be an opportunity for everybody to see how everybody else builds and what their house looks like. I'll start off by posting my base from my newest...
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