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  1. UlticraftMTT

    PC Why have random events become extremely common after beating the Lunatic Cultist?

    I've been farming the Moon Lord, Lunatic Cultist, Duke Fishron and i've now had over 3 Solar Eclipses, 2 Blood Moons and 1 Goblin Army. what is happening?
  2. UlticraftMTT

    PC How to beat Lunatic Cultist, Lunar Events and Moon Lord without dying once on a Ranger Loadout?

    How could i do this? I kind of want to playthrough hardmode, without dying, and using a ranger loadout. My character is not hardcore, he's softcore, i just hate dying in terraria.
  3. UlticraftMTT

    Some enemies should be vunerable/invunerable to more debuffs.

    There are a lot of enemies that should be vunerable to more debuffs in terraria. I hate it when enemies are immune to debuffs, as they render weapons that are for debuffs useless. First of all, Dungeon Guardians should be immune to ALL debuffs. Wyverns and Surface Mimics shouldn't be immune to...
  4. UlticraftMTT

    What's your LEAST favorite terraria update?

    What is your least favorite terraria update in your opinion? Mine's 1.2.3. While Gemspark Blocks, Travelling Merchant, Stylist and critter catching were nice, it imbalanced some things: I like Golem being vunerable to the Poisoned and On Fire! debuffs. The Destroyer does wayyyy to much head...
  5. UlticraftMTT

    100 HP and 20 MP run, from Killing your first slime to Moon Lord. (This may have been done already)

    I have a fun challenge that's similar to the infamous 1 HP challenge, the 100 HP and 20 MP challenge. RULES: You must play the game fully, from start to Moon Lord. You cannot consume Life Crystals, Life Fruit, Mana Crystals or Lifeforce Potions. You cannot wear Armor that increases maximum Mana...
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