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  1. Mille Marteaux

    Resolved Empress of Light forum title missing banners in most forum themes

    See title. Will also be fairly obvious once this post is viewed as well. Here's an image in case what I'm talking about isn't an issue on other machines, though? It's like this on all Terraria-themed.. well, themes. The "XenForo Default" theme has a banner, but its mismatched from most...
  2. Mille Marteaux

    PC Empress of Light's Sun Dance/Everlasting Rainbow hitboxes should be re-examined

    I've been grinding this boss on Master for six hours today. I'm close to getting Terraprisma, but something stands out to me as particularly offensive in this enemy's design: Projectiles that are very transparent or otherwise nearly impossible to see still have lingering, damaging hitboxes...
  3. Mille Marteaux

    PC Buying Prismatic Lacewings

    I have an item hoard I've been working on since 1.2. I don't have Prismatic Lacewings nor do I feel like farming them right now. Let's make a deal. Name your price. E: I am always buying them, regardless of the fact I have Terraprisma. If you have some to sell, I have resources to spend buying...
  4. Mille Marteaux

    **REPORTED** - Trees cut down on Mowed Hallow grass drop Wood instead of Pearlwood

    Title says it all. Is consistent across single and multiplayer. Video:
  5. Mille Marteaux

    TCF Suggestion Could there be a default cutoff for displaying threads in the Trading Post subforum?

    A lot of times in the Want to Buy/Want to Sell subforums, people will dig up threads that haven't been posted in for over half a year and reply to them. While their enthusiasm is great, it's a little frustrating wanting to actually take part in what little trading actually happens (most people...
  6. Mille Marteaux

    Agastya, international MAG of mystery

    Professional lurker. One-liner poster. Boulder enthusiast. Moderator in various online communities. Deathweed farmer. Housekeeper. I am Agastya. You may or may not know me. Now is your chance to learn, or perhaps just ask me for advice, be it in love, war, or community moderation. --- To get...
  7. Mille Marteaux

    PC Selling biome chest keys

    E: 8 Crimson keys left I have a lot of these that I'm never going to use. All have been obtained legitimately either through actively grinding an ocean grinder for pirate maps, from King Slime's adds, or just playing the game. I am looking for the following resources: Gold/Platinum ore/bars...
  8. Mille Marteaux

    PC Make biome mimics not spawn until at least one mech boss is defeated

    I went back about ten pages and didn't see anything about this particular topic, but if this has been brought up before I apologize. This is something that I thought about last night after getting some Fetid Baghnakhs and watching my killing power in early HM go from "nonexistent" to "almost...
  9. Mille Marteaux

    PC Buying multiples of 1.3.1 statues

    You've got statues. I'm lazy. Let's talk business. Can pay in many resources, including but not limited to Deathweed, Luminite, Unicorn horns, Money Troughs, and coins.
  10. Mille Marteaux

    Is it possible to locally disable text colors?

    Posting messages in colored text seems to be really popular here, and I'm fine with that since it allows users to add flavor to their messages, but some text colors are extremely difficult to read depending on what theme you're using, at least for me. I use the Corruption theme, so stuff like...
  11. Mille Marteaux

    Defeating the Moon Lord and Duke Fishron with boulders

    I'm not going to talk your ears off with boring stuff that doesn't matter, so I'll just cut right to the chase. One of my personal goals was defeating the Moon Lord by damaging it primarily through boulders. Moon Leech Clots were fair game since they don't contribute to the main HP pool. Here...
  12. Mille Marteaux

    PC Armor breastplate sprite swaps

    November 19 2016 - Updated for 1.3.2~1.3.4 armors and texture pack support This is a basic file replacement set that allows you to use armors from the opposite gender, so female characters can wear male breastplates and male characters can wear female breastplates. This doesn't touch the...
  13. Mille Marteaux

    Wearing armor breastplates from the opposite gender

    I don't know if this actually fits in "equipment" and I don't know if this has been brought up before, but it's something that's bothered me lately so I decided to go through with it. I'd like to have the option of wearing "male" armor on female characters, and vice versa. Many of the female...
  14. Mille Marteaux

    PC Buying Gold Keys

    I've been rolling large quantities of small maps lately and I'm finally out of gold keys. I'd like to be able to stockpile Cobalt Shields and maybe witness worldgen where a biome chest item is in a gold chest, so I have decided to attempt buying as many gold keys as I can. Name your price. I...
  15. Mille Marteaux

    Wavebank Small Wavebank collection

    --- Phantasy Star wave bank --- The music in this wavebank comes from a combination of Phantasy Star Online, Phantasy Star Online 2 and Phantasy Star Zero. I focused more on the ambient exploration tracks for just.. well, exploring, rather than placing a bunch of battle music tracks in, so it...
  16. Mille Marteaux

    PC Selling large quantities of Deathweed and seeds

    I have almost 125 full stacks of Deathweed and 185 stacks of Deathweed seeds. (For reference, a stack is 99 each.) My garden has been replanted and it's going to be harvested.. eventually, I guess, so I'd rather this mass quantity of herbs goes to other people that need it more than I do...
  17. Mille Marteaux

    PC WTB Snow Globe so friend will stop hounding me over achivements

    I can pay you in just about any form requested, except for pillar fragments. E: Done.
  18. Mille Marteaux

    PC Flesh Knuckle + Paladin Shield tinker

    Flesh Knuckle is a good accessory, especially since it builds enemy hate, which allows multiple people using Solar at endgame to still have a designated tank, but it's kind of hard to fit it somewhere into builds even with six accessory slots. Thus, let's allow tinkering it onto a Paladin's...
  19. Mille Marteaux

    Has anybody seen Discord drop in Expert yet?

    Mildly curious if this is just phenomenally awful luck or if something broke with Discord's drop rate in Expert mode. For comparison, he has found six Beam Swords, but no Discord yet.
  20. Mille Marteaux

    PC Buying mass amounts of Heart Statues

    Tired of not having enough statues to keep them in all of my arenas. I want a mass amount of them so I can stop worrying about them for a few months. Can pay in just about any resource, ranging from coins up to ores barring Luminite, which I can farm for on request. Most of what I have...
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