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  1. Drok

    PC Weird Server Syncing

    Hello, I have been playing multiplayer with my friend for some time now and it worked great so long as he was at his house and i was at mine. However he came over to my house to hang out and now the connection is weird. No matter who hosts the server his character updates fine on my screen but...
  2. Drok

    TCF Suggestion Custom Emotes

    Ok so i was thinking "How annoying it is to re-post images you use constantly!". My solution to this would be to add a way to add "Custom Emotes". By this i mean that you can set a some thing in your profile to change anywhere that you put "drok:smiley" to an image that anyone can see. I...
  3. Drok

    tAPI Bi-Weekly Modding Challenge

    Hello Terrarians and welcome to the Bi-Weekly Modding Competition, This is where you will be able to enter, vote for the winner, and vote for the next category. Rules: 1. You can not use features that you used in a previous week. 2. You may not work in a group of modders unless otherwise...
  4. Drok

    drok0920's Art and stuff

    drok0920's Art and stuff Avatars: Logos & Banners: Channel Art: Terraria Stuff: [/B] [/SIZE] [/spoiler] Other(Non-Terraria)
  5. Drok

    tAPI How to loops through tiles on map and more help!

    Hi, I would like to know how i could loops through every block(or every block above/below a certain height). And out of the blocks i loops though how do i replace on certain ones with another block? How would i add extra drops to vanilla tiles and modded ones that are based and RNG. How do i...
  6. Drok

    tAPI drok0920's Mods

    Hello members of the modding community, I have recently been working on a mod that I would now like to share but before I do there are a few things i have to say. First i couldn't have done this without the help of the team's* suggestions and sprites. And second i just want to say that this...
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