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    multi mod bard build

    so im looking for mods that have cross mod support with thorium more specifically add to the bard class so far i know fargos soul dlc and upgraded accessories (technically i also know a third except better bard bits hasnt been updated in 3 years and now clashes with very mod it relies on) does...
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    question about project century

    so the infinity flask, infinity potion, and their bottomless counterparts provide their effects to all nearby teammates so im wondering does that aura type effect carry over to the charged infinity stone and the transcended amalgam shield and if so does the transcended amalgam shield turn any of...
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    can anyone explain this?

    every time i try to create a world it will create the world butt not let me enter it every time i try i get a message saying load failed backup not found i thought it might be the result of a clash between some of my mods butt it still happened even while i had all my mods disabled during world...
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    can anyone help me

    i know this is gonna sound weird and/or stupid butt here goes i am looking for mods with egyptian themed items so far i have found divine wings (upgraded accessories) which has a ankh on it and spartan ankh shield (throwing expansion) just to clarify just having the ankh shield as a material is...
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    i wasnt sure where else to post this

    so i found a mod i want the problem is it requires a older version of tmodloader so if i downgrade my tmodloader will i lose all my current mods or what cause i dont really know the relation between tmodloader version and what mods can/cant be run
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    eternity's end question

    does anyone know the correct name to access the benny helm i tried Benny and every single time i tried to equip the helm terraria would crash and the helm would disapear from my inventory then i attempted to try Commander of Eternity (the enemy that can drop the helm) and it was 1 letter too...
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    music emblem?

    so i recently downloaded a mod called music madness which has a item called music emblem however the tooltip dosent really tell me what it does and the recipe browser mod dosent tell me how to get it so can someone tell me how to obtain it and what it does
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    dumb question

    does anyone know how to contact the creator of the better bard bits mod the mod doesnt have a forum page and i cant find any forum user with the name listed on the mod browser as the creator
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    Mods for the crimson

    So I know this is a weird and or stupid request butt I am looking for mods that add content to the crimson so can anyone help
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    can someone help me

    so i have downloaded a lot of mods then delete those that dont have content i care about well now i have changed my mind about one of them the problem is i no longer remember which mod it is the biggest thing i remember about this mod is a series of black and gold accessories that all had a part...
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    What mods should I go after

    So I am looking for mods that use either items that drop from calamity mods plaguebringer goliath or recipes that require her drops as materials so far I only know Fargo's mod meets these conditions( plaguebringer goliath drops bloom stone which is a material for heart of the elements then...
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    titles (hope this is where this goes)

    so i have noticed many users have a title under their name including names of several boss monsters so i have 2 questions first how does one change their title and second since i am assumeing that u need to do something special for each one is queen bee a possible title and if so how do i unlock it
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    Thorium mod bee question

    OK to start with the thorium mod wiki instead of having a page for existing items that gain use in the mod all existing item pages link back to the actual Terraria wiki which of course doesn't have mod only uses for said items so anyways due to a little messing around on the thorium mod wiki I...
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    Question about mods(hope this is where this goes)

    So my friend wants to try her hand at making a mod how do u start making one and is there anything we should know before we start working on it
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    Bee shell (name not final)

    So even with all encompassing obsession with bees this is my first bee based suggestion so I have noticed that there are things for water and lava butt not honey ok sorry about the ranting on to the suggestion I am thinking a version of the celestial shell which has its mermaid buffs increased...
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    Dumb question

    What is the highest possible defence/damage reduction a player can get and what combination results in it
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    A possibly overpowered staff idea

    OK so my idea is a group of staves that each summon one of the celestial pillars to fight for u complete with their armies at your back ( the pillar uses a sentry slot butt is monsters don't use minion slots because they r the pillars minions not yours) now for all their power these staves do...
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    Wasn't sure where to put this

    What r the conditions for a player suggestion to get put into Terraria cause although I have given up hope for anyone liking my ideas I found some ideas by other people I would love to see in the game so if I can play even a small part in getting them in I would really love to
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    Crimson and corruption wings

    So I've noticed that there r wings for just about any theme u can think of except corruption and crimson
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    1.4 final boss theories

    So I'm putting this thread here for theories for what end game boss or bosses 1.4 may add cause if u think about it wall of flesh and the mechanical bosses were introduced in 1.1 plantera and golem were 1.2 lunar cultist celestial pillars and moon lord 1.3 so logic dictates 1.4 will also...
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