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  1. zecx

    tModLoader calamity mod chests not working or empty.

    hello all friends. After I installed calamity mod a few days ago, the game gave an error. When I open the game again, some of the chests do not open and when I move the mouse icon close, "chest" appears. When I broke the chest and rebuilt it, the chest was empty. is there any solution to this?
  2. zecx

    tModLoader I'm looking for an extra accessory slot mod.

    Guys, I'm looking for an extra accessory slot mod. can you help me find it?
  3. zecx

    PC terraria 1.4.3 won't open.

    hello, every time I start the game it gives an error. can you help me?
  4. zecx

    PC I think these should come to Terraria.

    Hello, I think it would be better if the following came to terraria: 1. name our weapons. 2. cook is an npc. 3. rocking chair. Terraria will be even more fun if these three come.
  5. zecx

    Can you help me find accessories?

    Hello everyone, I am looking for: will he be able to increase health and mana fast; breathing in water, moving quickly and rising to the surface of the water; moving through the lava; Finally, I'm looking for accessories that can illuminate dark places. Can you find them for me? If you have any...
  6. zecx

    PC Terraria achievements have been reset.

    hello, I just finished a task in the terraria game, the game gave an error. When I run the game again, all my achievements are reset and when I restart the game again, the situation is the same. how can i solve this?
  7. zecx

    PC what are the best mods for terraria?

    hello, I want to install the mod on terraria. what do you think are the best modes?
  8. zecx

    PC Tedit won't open.

    hi, i downloaded the latest version of tedit. When I open the application, the latest news application opens and does not open the tedit program. When I turn off the latest news show on every boot, it gives an error that tedit has stopped working. what should i do about it? I've tried other...
  9. zecx

    PC Is there a seed that will be both crimson and corruption?

    Hello, I am looking for a seed that is both crimson and corruption. Do you know any? Do not suggest the 05162020 seed code.
  10. zecx

    PC How can I find the world seed of my terraria world?

    hello, how can I find the seed of my world?
  11. zecx

    Why can't I craft a sawmill?

    hi, i can't create sawmill in workbench. All materials for sawmill are ok but not coming. what can I do?
  12. zecx

    PC How can terraria autosave?

    merhaba, terraria nasıl otomatik kaydedilir? çünkü manuel olarak kaydetmediğimde oyun bazen çöküyor ve dünyam kurtarılamıyor.
  13. zecx

    PC Where is the location of terraria's language file?

    hello, my english is not very good and i am searching from translation. I want to convert terraria to my language, but I can't find the location of terraria's language file. Can you help with this?
  14. zecx

    PC Where can I find old versions of Terraria?

    hi, i have an old computer and i can't play the latest version of terraria. It also needs the old version. where can i find old versions?
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