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    PS4 Crimson or Ocean crates?

    I'm fishing for Hemopiranha in my Crimson biome that is near the Ocean and i got a Seaside crate. Dose that mean i wont be able to get any Hemo crates? or will i get both? edit : I am getting crimson fish from the place i am fishing.
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    PS4 Auto swing problem

    I am playing summoner and i have the flesh knuckles to give all whips auto swing. I have ran into a problem when wanting to try out whip stacking. When i attack with a whip (for my instance the snap thorn) and then swap to another whip (for my instance the fire cracker) the second whip swings...
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    PS4 [1.4] Receiving tile data: 6%

    When i tried to join a different world the first time it got to 13% then stopped but every time i try again its once again stops at 6%
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    PS4 [1.4] Receiving tile data: 6%

    As im waiting for my friend to make a new world he is unable to open his old worlds as they bring him to a black screen
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    PS4 [1.4] Receiving tile data: 6%

    I tried making a new character already will try new world realquick
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    PS4 [1.4] Receiving tile data: 6%

    I am trying to join my friend's world but every time i try to i instantly get stopped at Receiving tile data: 6%. It also seems to my my friend freeze when ever i do this and either crash or it subsides. I tried restarting my ps4, my game, the world and even re installing the game.
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