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  1. SimpleJack

    PC Dungeon Defenders 2

    It is an amazing game, it is not pay to win but if you want characters and good gear faster you could spend money or you could enjoy the grind for a real reward over all an awesome game. I also recommend prodigy math game app download, it helps me with my arithmetic skills.
  2. SimpleJack

    Gacha life........

    I really like this game because you will never get bored of it! It has so many games to play, loads of amazing clothes to dress up your characters, it's quite easy to level up, not many advertisements, it even has a studio to make your own mini movies, you can also learn lots about the...
  3. SimpleJack

    Xbox One Borderlands 3 help

    A great game, sadly I don't have a better graphics card so I have to play the game on minimum settings, but it's still a blast, I played all the way until I was off Pandora and it was a blast and I can't wait to play more. The ability to make the part 4 - final touches and building the game...
  4. SimpleJack

    PC Favorite PC FPS games

    I've been playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive lately, and it was awesome. Last week I found this Garena Free Fire game, it was awesome too, but still needs updates.
  5. SimpleJack

    Humorous 1000 Fun Facts

    Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.
  6. SimpleJack

    Tik Tok Opinions.

    So many sexy ladies in TikTok.
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