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  1. shadowwraith

    PS4 No Character available for download

    I recently re-downloaded Terraria after taking a break for a while and i have been trying to download my legacy worlds but keep getting the "No character available for Download" error message. There are 4 legacy worlds in the clouds saves menu all of the give the error when i try to download...
  2. shadowwraith

    wire conduits

    While messing about with the circuit system in terraria, i was thinking as an aesthetic measure and possibly additional functional feature to the wiring system, why not have wire conduits? These blocks would have foreground (block/brick) and background wall versions, the colour of the wire...
  3. shadowwraith

    PS4 Cannot upload to cloud

    I have tried numerous times to upload worlds (including a world created after downloading the latest update) to the cloud only to get the cloud error message. My cloud storage has 10.35GB free and i can upload and download from cloud fine using the save data management screen on the ps4 but i...
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