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  1. yugiohhero

    Wavebank Music cuts out? [Bug]

    I'm working on a simple, personal OST mod. Nothing special. Its done, but as soon as I put it in, the title screen music plays.... ...then all of the audio stops. All of it. Sound audio is still at its normal spot, but music is at 0. If I hold down on the music volume bar, the music comes...
  2. yugiohhero

    Wavebank Music Overhaul

    Do you feel Terraria's OST gets a bit repetitive? So do I. So I threw together a new ost for it, composed of LISA, Nuclear Throne, The Binding of Isaac: Antibirth and OFF's OSTs as well as a couple miscellaneous songs. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/f5dlzlangr3l8/Terraria_Alternate_OST...
  3. yugiohhero

    tModLoader Hi, I want to make a music mod, but I'm also stupid.

    So, I don't like terraria's music and wanted to make a mod that replaces it with a few highlights from my library. I have no knowledge of coding whatsoever, and have only ever made 3 mods before for anything, all musical mods for nuclear throne that require no knowledge of programming, just a...
  4. yugiohhero

    PC Issues loading Thorium

    I keep getting this error It looks like this mod doesn't have a class extending Mod. Mods need a Mod class to function. at Terraria.ModLoader.AssemblyManager.InstantiateMods(List`1 modsToLoad) Inner Exception: Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions...
  5. yugiohhero

    3DS Power Gauntlet (Sprites please)

    A new item, that bears a stupid resemblance to the Nintendo Power Glove. Power Gauntlet: Tooltip: "You look like a idiot wearing that" Fires a beam with 200 melee (yes) damage, and uses no ammo/mana. When held it will be shown as a silver glove on your hand, giving off a certain light with a...
  6. yugiohhero

    Biome Lords (Game Mode, sprites would be nice thx)

    OK, running around and mining and slicing and whatnot can be fun, right? Well, even I, a supermegaultrafan of terraria constantly find myself sitting at my village, saying "Now what!?" So, since obviously, there is never going to be a HUGE update to Terraria (1.3.1 may very well be the last...
  7. yugiohhero

    Resolved Pearlstone Meets Mythril: The Treasure Scanner gains idiot programming.

    Pearlstone appears as mythril on my treasure hunter. ANyone else experience this?
  8. yugiohhero

    WIP Universal Voodoo Doll! (SPRITES WANTED!)

    I know what youre all thinking: "He moved in? No! I needed ____!" "Your prices are too high!" "THIS IS A BLESSED APPLE FARM YOU IDIOT SKELETON!" (Skeleton merchant stops enemy spawns.) "VOODOO DEMON? WHERE AREEEEE YOOOOOU!" "I JUST WANT TO REFIGHT SKELETRON! GIMME THE STUPID DOLL!" YOU HATE...
  9. yugiohhero

    Slimes: The first encounter.

    I did this because I didn't wanna do a boss guide yet. After your educating 1-2 seconds of wandering, you will see this: Green Slime appeared. Your shortsword may be fun to try and stab that weirdo who stalked you to your spawn point (Hi, guide.) , but it doesnt really work well in real...
  10. yugiohhero

    Resolved Queen Bee/Brain of Cthulu treasure bag ID glitch.

    So i was making a treasure bag hunt and i decided to go on an item server to get the bags, instead of killing every bosss 15 times. So i decided to go onto a item server and get them /i brain of cthuhlu treasure bag 15 Brain of cthuhlu treasure bag(s) given! I take a look and see the queen bee...
  11. yugiohhero

    Blood Moons: The First Encounter

    Maybe you're mining the Eater of Worlds for Demonite, or maybe you decide you should build a monument to the guide. (Why would you do that?) The Blood Moon is rising... You don't know what that means.... Do you? I can fix that. The blood moon, you see, is an event where Zombies and Demon...
  12. yugiohhero

    The Moon Lord reeeallly hates me.

    Pre hardmode world. No dungeon. Have 50 gold and a Minishark (:3) I play 2-3 times a day... Session 2: Beat the Eater, got a trophy, hang it up in the dryads home/trophy tower and then "The Blood Moon is Rising" (My Arms Dealer adopted a Bunny that day, had to minishark wildly in his house.)...
  13. yugiohhero

    3DS PickScoot

    Ummm... Can someone come up with a new name? And maybe a sprite? PICKSCOOT! The PickScoot would be a new mount in Mid/Late Pre-hardmode and Early HM. Speed would be about the speed of the Turtle in water, but a bit slower. It would have the appearance of a scooter, with the top being two...
  14. yugiohhero

    Choosing the Corruption or Crimson.

    I finally figured it out, the seed depends on the name. To pick, put this at the start of your world name A,C,E,G,I,K,M,O,Q,S,U,W,Y for Corruption B,D,F,H,J,L,N,P,R,T,V,X,Z for Crimson. Can anyone help confirm this?
  15. yugiohhero

    Story The Moon's Descent

    Ill be making the chapters in seperate posts.
  16. yugiohhero

    Snowman NPC

    I know exactly what youre thinking. "We have a christmas NPC!" I DIDNT SAY THIS WAS CHRISTMAS. Snowman NPC would appear collapsed in the closest desert to where the frost legion approached, slowly melting, once the frost legion is defeated. Death animation is not the basic one. Instead of the...
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