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  1. Wigglepuff

    PC Early Hardmode shop!

    Just give me a name of not extremely hard to get hardmode stuff, and i'll get it for you! for a price... Do NOT ask for stuff that is post plantera, or post mechanical bosses. ( Will update as i progress through the game)
  2. Wigglepuff

    How to deal with those pirate's!

    So whenever you go into hardmode, there is a chance each day for a pirate invasion and/or snowmen army to arrive at your current spawnpoint, just like the goblin army. Right now, i'll be talking about the pirates. i'm am going to do my best to help you deal with these guys. So, there are five...
  3. Wigglepuff

    It's Wiggling time!

    Hello there fellow terrarians! My name is Wigglepuff (or sometimes known a Wigglepufftuff, or just plain wiggle) I am here to introduce myself! (obviously) Some of you already know me. Mainly i will be making threads on little tips that i've found, or small to medium guides on certain things. I...
  4. Wigglepuff


    So first of all, my first post! :happy: But this one will be a short one. This is just a little tip for newer terrarians. It only works with a grappling hook, any type. the land will need to be at least 7 blocks of flat-land (unless your really good at this). To do this you shoot the grappling...
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