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  1. GabeHasWon

    tModLoader The Verdant Mod (WIP)

    Welcome to the A mod that adds a vibrant new biome to the world of Terraria. About The mod revolves around the eponymous Verdant biome, a lush biome bursting with vibrant greens, foliage blooming as water rushes throughout. With over 70 items, 60 tiles, 9 walls, 3 (current) songs and...
  2. GabeHasWon

    tModLoader GabeHasWon's Mini Mods

    Just some minimods, nothing more. :p The Mr. Tree Mod Adds Mr. Tree to the game, which upgrades as you progress. I would love to have more compatibility with post-moonlord mods, if anyone could provide code it'd be great. :D Crafting is 1 dirt, 1 water bucket, and 1 acorn at a living...
  3. GabeHasWon

    tModLoader Big Biome Expansion: Jungle

    Notice: We need spriters! Message me if you're interested. Welcome to... Big Biome Expansion: Jungle Overview This mod aims to completely redo the world of Terraria and everything in it. In essence, it changes the entire world to fit one vanilla biome--in this case the Jungle--and then works...
  4. GabeHasWon

    tModLoader Looking for Spriter(s)

    Hello! :D I'll keep this simple: I need a good, active, and not lazy (e.g. won't turn down all requests) spriter. PM me with an example, please. Thanks! :D More info will be said in PM.
  5. GabeHasWon

    Standalone tFileMaker - A Tool for Devs

    Welcome to the tFileMaker thread! :D So, I made this little app that makes and edits a file based upon tModLoader's class names. I'll give a small tutorial a bit later on. ----------------------- Download/Info Currently Only works on Windows. (Needs testing on Linux) Warning: Do not come to...
  6. GabeHasWon

    tModLoader Modding Tutorial: World Generation

    Hello everyone! I am GabeHasWon, a fairly experienced programmer, one who happens to be very experienced in World Generation. As such, I feel that redoing this ancient tutorial that covers the basics of worldgen would be a useful thing to do. So, here I am. Before I start on worldgen itself, I...
  7. GabeHasWon

    Pixel Art GabeHasWon's Sprites

    Sprite thread. Need I explain? So here are my sprites in literally no order. ========== Requests ========== Crystal Longbow: Bloody Katana: I'll Probably make more, but I'm lazy right now :p
  8. GabeHasWon

    tModLoader GabeHasWon's Mod

    News As of a while ago, this mod is no longer being updated. I have moved on from this project and will continue to work on others. Thank you all for helping me get my foot into the modding scene - this mod was great fun. My newest project can be found here.
  9. GabeHasWon

    tModLoader GabeHasWon's Weapons Mod

    Old thread. Go to you wanna see the final version of this mod.
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