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  1. that homie

    PC Working (hahaha no) For a Community-Based Future

    Just a note: If this is in the wrong place, Mods, feel free to move it. I was browsing the forums today for kicks, and I was reading some really well done stuff, (i.e. alternate biomes), and I wondered if they would ever be added, even if they had/have some dev support. And I thought it would...
  2. that homie

    Inventory and Chest Mechanics

    AngelMiner12 here, with some ideas about inventory and chest mechanics. I know this is going into 1.3.2, so this is perfect timing. (Actually, a little late timing) Sorting chests and inventory: under 'sort items', there should be a several sub-tabs: Sort items: Alphabetical A-Z...
  3. that homie

    Mac Crash Bug

    Okay. I'm not sure why this is the way it is, but it is. Every time I try to open Terraria now, (bear with me here, I'm not very technical, so I can't give much info) the application bounces up and down, like it's opening. Then, after a minute, it stops, and sits on the dock, except the little...
  4. that homie

    Mac Tiles not rendering

    Okay, I am playing 1.3.1 and I am running Mac OSX 10.10.5. I have run into a small (but annoying) bug involving tiles. Certain tiles are missing. but when a new one vanishes, the previous one is restored. These are the tiles that are (or were) missing in order. Pumpkins (no longer missing)...
  5. that homie

    I've Saved Your Jungle, Everyone (Some of it)

    Note: This also works for all other versions of the game, not just PC. If an admin could move this elsewhere, that would be much appreciated. I have a simple solution. Everyone hates the crimson/corruption messing with the jungle, right? Well, I have a simple solution. It will not save...
  6. that homie

    [sort of sprites] Small Post-Moon Lord additions

    Hello, everyone! This is AngelMiner12 here, with another suggestion. This is my biggest suggestion yet, so bear with me here. This is a collection of small ideas I've had. I will be updating semi-consistently until I am done. Okay, time to get started. After Moon Lord, there's not much to do...
  7. that homie

    [Sprites] Lead Balloon

    Hello world! I'm actually surprised that I am the first to make this, and just in case I'm not– Sorry, whoever created this before me. I had not intention of stealing your idea. Anyway, here it is. Lead Balloon Crafted at a workbench with 1x (lead bar) 1x (shiny red balloon) Makes this...
  8. that homie

    Solution to Demon Altars

    So this is a really short thread, but I think it would help. When people hit hardmode, they destroy the altars and keep maybe 1. I think that the Mythril Anvil should be able to craft the same stuff as the altars, so you can fight old bosses and not have to travel out of your way to craft a...
  9. that homie

    Pixel Art AngelMiner12's sprites

    Hello world! This is AngelMiner12, the creator of unheard of threads, like, "A slight redo of the last prism"... or something like that (you know it's unheard of if I can't even remember the title:p) Anyway-- here are my sprites: Requests: for @Tetrazile I did this for @tury240's...
  10. that homie

    [Sprites] slight redo of last prism

    This is a very small post, but I think it would be cool if the last prism had an omega symbol carved into the side, (because it is the LAST prism, after all) something like this: (sorry about the image, my spriting skills suck) :merchantwink:
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