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    tModLoader Nocturnal Mod

    MOD DISCONTINUED- Removed from browser Hey there, I'm five and I bring a quick minimod intending to add some stuff to the nighttime; Currently most of the content is from another mod I discontinued, although most of the content went elsewhere and I have polished this tier up. I may make a...
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    tModLoader Minions Mod!

    Mod has been discontinued -------- Beta Version Is Available On The Browser! Content is minimal and broken. Hey there, I'm Five and I'm here to present the minions mod! Although it may be misleading, the minions mod does not add summon minions, it rather adds the minion creatures from...
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    tModLoader Random Crates Mod

    Random Crates is a pretty simple mod, it allows fishing crates to drop from any non statue spawned, hostile enemies. 0.2% chance for biome crates to drop in their respective biomes 0.3% chance for wooden crates to drop anywhere 0.2% chance for iron crates to drop anywhere 0.1% chance for...
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    Bazaar Mod

    The mod has been discontinued and is no longer available for download Bazaar: -Thread is currently very outdated and the download is found only on the browser- Bazaar is a work in progress small content mod that aims to give useless things in the game a purpose, it's currently minimal as I am...
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    tModLoader Summon Swords

    Mod has been discontinued. Hey, I'm Five, not referring to my age :p and I'm new to the forums. Here I'd like to post my mod; The Summon Swords Mod .tmod and technical name are dirtdagger, you may consider that a peculiar name, but it's a just a placeholder and the name of the first item...
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