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  1. sharkman0101

    Consult the Shark

    Well, I didn't expect that I would be making one of these(considering how late it is into my activity life on the forums), but here I am. The shark is willing to let some of you ask him some questions, but nothing too personal or up in the discomfort zone(Nothing along the lines of age...
  2. sharkman0101

    Console Add Combat Targeting to the Console Terraria Versions

    Combat Targeting, a feature that allows you to "lock-on" to an opponent, and is currently present in most verisons of Terraria. The only exception seems to be the Console versions. Now, you may be wondering, why do we need this? Doesn't aim with the controller work smoothly? Weeeeeeeelllllll...
  3. sharkman0101

    Give the Slime Rain and the Pillar Shield a progress bar.

    Ah, have you ever had that feeling when something would just never end? That's exactly how I feel during these two events. Killing enemies over and over, waiting for the anticipated outcome of defeating enough enemies. But it never seems to end. I constantly find myself slaughtering the enemies...
  4. sharkman0101

    Add certain creatures to the Lifeform Analyzer

    As you all should know, many rare and elusive things exist in the world of Terraria. Some are hard to find, but the Lifeform Analyzer can aid in that! (Though the buggers usually despawn, so I drink a hunter potion to help me find rare enemies that sit there like a duck. Other rare enemies such...
  5. sharkman0101

    New NPC - The Garbage Man

    Wall of Text has awoken! Have you ever accidentally trashed an item you didn't want to trash, or trashed an item but realized you needed it later and now you can't get it back? Paranoid about an item being lost in the dark corner of your screen underground? Well, now introducing, The Garbage...
  6. sharkman0101

    PS4 Minor Titanium Forge Glitch

    There is a minor glitch with the Titanium Forge. If you try to mine the forge with any sort of pickaxe, it mines normally but it does not drop a Titanium Forge, it drops an Adamantite Forge instead. A very odd glitch, and it happened every time I mined a Titanium Forge. Oddly enough, it does not...
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