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  1. MinerTurtle45

    TCF Suggestion Seperate subforum for wavebanks

    Really simple, I think there should be a separate subforum for Wavebanks instead of them being put into the Mods/Plugins area. Would really help with organization. Also, not sure if subforum is the right term, but you'll understand what I mean if I'm wrong.
  2. MinerTurtle45

    Rod of Focus Fire

    Summoning. Hard to control what your summons attack. Does absolutely nothing in PvP. I propose something that could kind of fix those problems, the Rod of Focus Fire [sprite pending] [recipe pending] Allows you to direct your summons to attack one point. Gives a small damage buff to summons...
  3. MinerTurtle45

    Eerie as an Alternate Underworld theme

    I think that, since Eerie was originally the Underworld music, there should be a chance of it playing instead of the 1.3 Underworld music, kinda like the Alt. Day and Alt. Underground music. Now, I know Eerie is kinda overused already, but I think it would be a cool addition, since Eerie kinda...
  4. MinerTurtle45

    Bottomless Healing Potion

    So you know the Endless Quiver and Endless Musket Pouch? Those give you infinite regular Arrows and infinite Musket Balls, respectively. Well, I think that there should be an endless Lesser Healing Potion, seeing as it's the lowest tier of healing potion. Bottomless Healing Potion Acts as a...
  5. MinerTurtle45

    Dye Suggestions

    First, there should be Living Green Flame and Living Blue Flame Dye. The Living Ocean Dye kinda fits as the Living Blue Flame, but there isn't a green one. Secondly, I think, since green and blue flames exist in the game as Cures Flames/Inferno and Frostburn, the Green Flame dye should be...
  6. MinerTurtle45

    Make placed clock's faces show time

    Just a small thing, I think the faces of the Grandfather Clock and all its other versions actually tell the time. Simple, in theory, but probably pretty hard to code.
  7. MinerTurtle45

    Use Hammers to Break Piggy Banks

    It's really simple actually. I think Piggy Banks should be converted back to being broken with hammers, just as a reference to people smashing their piggy banks with a hammer.
  8. MinerTurtle45

    Flower of Power: A new Flower of Fire upgrade

    Hi! This is my second suggestion on the forums (hopefully it will be more well received than the last one, being a (probably) better idea). So, you know the Flower of Fire, the magic weapon that mimics Mario's fireballs, and it's upgrade, the Flower of Frost, and "upgrade" that does less damage...
  9. MinerTurtle45

    Xbox 360 Yellow Horseshoe Balloon gives Blizzard in a Bottle effect

    It's pretty simple. When I use the double jump of my Yellow Horseshoe Balloon it acts like I have a White Horseshoe Balloon and gives me the Blizzard in a Bottle effect. Sounds like a pretty easy fix, but I don't know coding, so I have no idea.
  10. MinerTurtle45

    Miner's Vanity Showcase

    Hey, this is my first thread that I've done in a long while! As the title says, this is where I'll put vanity creations in Terraria that I make, whether they're characters from video games or just random things that I make. (I may even take requests later on) Well, let's get on with it! Miner...
  11. MinerTurtle45

    Am I Ready?

    Guys, am I ready to kill a Wyvern/Mech Boss? I'm in Normal mode. I have: Full Adamantite armor (melee) Beam Sword/Cutlass Amarok w/ Yoyo Bag Uzi The bow that turns wood arrows into bats w/Cursed Arrows Spider minion Magic Dagger Obsidian Shield White Horseshoe Balloon Lava Waders Frostspark...
  12. MinerTurtle45

    Story The Tale of a Turtle

    This is going to be a story about my Terraria character, MinerTurtle, which will go from the start, up to him defeating the Moon Lord. It is very much a work in progress, and will be written in parts.
  13. MinerTurtle45


    Ok, first suggestion. This is gonna be hard... Introducing.... EBON/CRIMFORGES!!!!! If they were added, then the place where you smelt Demonite/Crimtane and Meteor bars would be changed. Instead of smelting them at a normal furnace, you would make them at one of these. "Why is this needed?" you...
  14. MinerTurtle45

    Ask a turtle random things

    Well, this is my AMA thread. Ask me stuff!
  15. MinerTurtle45

    Mobile King of Thieves

    This is where you can discuss all sorts of things related to thievery in King of Thieves! Not really much else to say about that!
  16. MinerTurtle45

    PC Pokemon Fusions

    Here you'll post any funny/cool Pokemon Fusions that you find, by looks or name, either on Google or the website! Here's a few: Arbros Weegey Farter...
  17. MinerTurtle45

    Late Intro.

    Hi! I'm MinerTurtle45, one of the TCF's few resident turtles. I've been here for a while, but never noticed this group of threads. I sometimes do stuff, and do some things sometimes, but mostly just browse the TCF. I like video games VERY very much, and was on TO for a while (maybe like a couple...
  18. MinerTurtle45

    Unique Hardcore Death Messages

    Hello, fellow Terrarians! Welcome to my first suggestion! Firstly, this will be a brainstorming thread. The thread will be about unique hardcore death messages (obviously). I will make a spoiler with the things in it. NOTE: This is for HardCORE, not HardMODE (the permadeath character option, not...
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