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  1. Eldrazi

    tModLoader Mob Encounters

    - Intro I was just brainstorming some ideas while taking some time off from my Adaptable Questing mod (because my PC was acting up) for fun mods to make and this one stood head and shoulders above the rest. Encounters will be completely random, but quite on the rare side of NPC spawns...
  2. Eldrazi

    tModLoader Eldrazi's Classes Incorporated (E.C.I.)

    Eldrazi's Classes Incorporated - Intro In this thread, I hope to get a discussion going regarding a few of my ideas for classes to be implemented in Terraria using tModLoader. I will try to provide as much information (as well as a bit of backstory) for all my class ideas, as well as some ideas...
  3. Eldrazi

    tModLoader Extensions+

    - Intro Extensions+ is mainly a plugin/tool for modders/programmers that want to make their lifes more easy. It adds multiple Drawing and AI functionality for NPCs, Projectiles, Tiles, etc. The mod is available on the Mod Browser and is readable by tModReader, so if you feel like strolling...
  4. Eldrazi

    tModLoader Adaptable Questing mod

    INTRO Since I've recently revamped this thread, there are bound to be some mistakes. Please point them out if you find them! This product is meant for people that mod using tModLoader and want to add some extra flavour to their mods. I've already got a great part of it working, which I will...
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