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  1. TheNerdiestNerd

    amazing wins!

    ever had a miracle happen where you are about to lose, but then pull something amazing off? or perhaps you had an epic finisher in an ARPG? kh put em' here! i always try to finish off a birth by sleep boss with salvation. also, my opponent in the command board had enough gp to win, and so did...
  2. TheNerdiestNerd

    any voices that you hate?

    are there any characters or people who just infuriate you with their voice? for me, it is tails's from the Sonic the Hedgehog games voice, because it just sounds so... high. i also cannot listen to that woman say "Long periolodically time" one more time. She speaks with the volume of a small child.
  3. TheNerdiestNerd

    most important item in the game

    what is the most important item in the game to you? something you can barely play without. for me it is one of the emblems.
  4. TheNerdiestNerd

    stupid things family members have done

    has your sibling, parent/guardian, aunt/uncle, cousin, nephew/niece, or any other family member done something to make you incredibly pissed at them? post it here. my mother doesnt like me staying in my room all day because she wants to talk to me, but whenever i stay out of my room, she never...
  5. TheNerdiestNerd

    no eclipses, no pumpkin moon, no ocram armor, no cholorophyte, no drax in crafting table

    my mobile terraria is completely up to date, yet there is nothing to do after the mech bosses except ocram, which doesnt even drop anything i can use. the souls of blight apparently cant make anything. no plantera bulb spawns, no lihzard temple, no golem, no pumpkin moon, and no eclipses. i have...
  6. TheNerdiestNerd

    the kingdom hearts series

    i love kingdom hearts. do you? whats your favorite character? whats your favorite game in the series? whats your favorite keyblade? whats your favorite limit? what do you not like about the series? ...anything?
  7. TheNerdiestNerd

    The Keybrand & Ragnarok

    For those of you who don't know, there is an ability in kingdom hearts 1, chain of memories, 2 final mix, and birth by sleep called "ragnarok" in which sora basically shoots lasers. i started thinking: everyone wants the keybrand to reference something from kingdom hearts, so why not...
  8. TheNerdiestNerd

    to the moon 1/2/a bird's story

    i don't know about you guys, but i found to the moon a beautiful game, and i'm sure a bird's story and 2 are going to be just as deep.
  9. TheNerdiestNerd

    world full of dirt

    one day i went on my world, and for some reason, everything was just dirt. no biomes, no temples, not even open AIR, every single open space got turned into dirt, and i lost everything i had, because the chest i had as replaced with dirt. so can someone tell me what the :red: happened?
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