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  1. DryCryCrystal

    Story After World

    After World Uranium News 18th August 2019 High Radiation in Sunland-Tujunga, LA High Radiation in Sunland-Tujunga, theorized down to 1982 and was only checked a month ago after 43 year old Elliot Thomas tragically died to radiation poisoning. There was an incident back in 1982 where an...
  2. DryCryCrystal

    Pixel Art DryCryCrystal's Armoury!

    WIP Welcome to DryCryCrystal's Armoury Here you can request swords, tools and soon armour. Requests are closed Request list None yet :p
  3. DryCryCrystal

    Story black world

    Black world Characters: Dream Maker (Andrew) Lady Starlight (Sandra) PROLOGUE Friday the Thirteenth began like any other day. John Carfon went to his lab at Area 51 in the Tar laboratory, researching tar from space. No one knew where it came from, not even John. But, one day, the...
  4. DryCryCrystal

    Pixel Art New Life Tools

    "New Life Tools" Team Daniel terrarian ios: Concepts DryCryCrystal, ZemmySix, and Pumpking: Sprites "General Tools" - Power Star - DryCryCrystal - Spooky Wood Sword - Pumpking - Pumpking's overlong sword - Pumpking - Blade of the Forest - Pumpking "Abominations" - Christmas Excalimore
  5. DryCryCrystal

    tAPI [Released - WIP] Elemental The Modification!

    The Modification Hey guys this is DryCryCrystal here and i am proud to announce Elemental the mod! i am not doing this alone i am doing this with a very good modder @LolHens ! Weapons are not debuffed yet until more items get added. this is for dev reasons! Info: weapons and tools are mostly...
  6. DryCryCrystal

    Story DryCryCrystal's adventures in NeXuS

    DryCryCrystal's Adventures in NeXuS Basically what nexus is, it's a remix of terraria
  7. DryCryCrystal

    What is your favourite sprite you've created?

    It can be a mob, item or armour that you have created. My favourite sprite of mine is The Void Pickaxe. -DryCryCrystal
  8. DryCryCrystal

    Mobile Can't find chlorophyte? Well this is the guide for you!

    Hey guys this is DryCryCrystal here, and welcome to my chlorophyte search guide. Step 1: kill a mechanical boss (not ocram). Then it should say the jungle grows restless, that means that's there is now chlorophyte and plantera in your world. Step 2: wait a few hours for the chlorophyte to grow...
  9. DryCryCrystal

    The Abyss

    Hello My name is DryCryCrystal and you are looking at the thread Abyss. A growing thread of spriters, banner makers and all on all art. This Thread is an experiment to see how well a team of artists can work together. Team Members (5\2)(there can be more than 2/2 so it can go 3/2+)...
  10. DryCryCrystal

    Is the Terraria forum picture allowed?

    what i mean by this is the picture ive seen in official stuff. and i have no idea if im able to use it so im asking if we are allowed to use it it looks like this:
  11. DryCryCrystal

    Pixel Art Elemental!

    Alert!: We now have a mod! Pickaxes Melee Mage Ranged Axes Hammers Armour Elemental! Set [/SPOILER] Destiny set(DryCryCrystal's set) Golden Foxy (DryCryCrystal's life form) Guardian Items Misc Change logs TO-DO LIST This thread is Dryad, Guide, Merchant...
  12. DryCryCrystal

    PC What is your favourite sprite in the game

    It can be a mob, item or armour. My favourite sprite is the orichalcum pickaxe. -DryCryCrystal
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