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  1. galacticGammawave

    Talents of TCF

    Have you ever had a talent you're too nervous to show off normally? Well, here you can post said talent that you have in any form. Video, sound recording, anything. For instance, it could be a musical instrument: Like me with the trumpet (should've practiced though) Or some thing you think is...
  2. galacticGammawave

    The Yin of Yang

    We all know about Dark and Light Shards. They drop from Corruption/Crimson and Hallow mummies. But what do they do? They craft one weapon. The Dao of Pow. You would think they would do more right? I propose that they craft another thing, the Yin of Yang. (Any ideas for a better sprite?)...
  3. galacticGammawave

    Puzzle Terraria Portal Map: Looking for Testers

    Hello good people of TCF, today I show you a new WIP Portal map! This map will include puzzles I make, and possibly some that you have ideas for. Downloads: V1: V2...
  4. galacticGammawave

    Other Art IRL Terra Blade

    So, since I've had lots of time due to school ending for the summer, I decided to make a IRL Terra Blade, like @Daimera 's Night's Edge. Mine is made of cardboard, paper, tape, and being annoyed, while hers is paper mache. Now, the pictures and tale... of the beaten up Terra Blade...
  5. galacticGammawave

    Keeping Reforges on Weapons After You Make a New Weapon Out of It

    So, let's say that you have a Legendary Night's Edge from pre-hardmode, but you get some Broken Hero Swords from a Solar Eclipse. You would most likely be thinking, "Yes! I can make a Terra Blade! But I would lose so much money reforging it back to Legendary..." Well, maybe not, but you get the...
  6. galacticGammawave

    The Portal

    The Portal The tale of when a exploring group of Terrarians trying to save their world from the Corruption stumble upon a strange statue in the shape of a map brought back by crazy travelers, that takes them to a world they never knew existed... Ours. So, what do you think so...
  7. galacticGammawave

    The Black Hoik

    Hello, and welcome to my first suggestion thread! Today, I will explain my idea for a Lunar Boss drop. The Black Hoik (or Black Hook if Hoiks aren't removed) Tooltip: All light near this seems to disappear... This hook acts like the Dual Hook in that it has 2 hooks and is extremely quick...
  8. galacticGammawave

    First Attempt at Pumpkin Moon Guide: Melee

    So, it seems like people have trouble with the Pumpkin Moon across all platforms at first. I have a plan that always seems to work. 1. Get a Terra Blade and the highest defence armor that you can. 2. Spam the TB while farming the Pumpkin Moon until a Horseman's Blade drops from the Pumpking. 3...
  9. galacticGammawave

    What is Your Favorite Terraria Music?

    So, just wondering. What is everyone's? Please state why. I gotta say that I like the Solar Eclipse for some reason though. I really don't know why.
  10. galacticGammawave

    Unofficial Thaksgiving Update Discussion Thread

    So, I noticed that the update came out a day early (the 5th, not the 6th) and I decided to get it. If you want, this could be a discussion about it. Bugs, how scary Turkor is, etc. Or you could post pictures of you so far in the update. I myself will post some pictures.
  11. galacticGammawave

    SpliceCraftTeria's Art N Stuff

    So here, I will post random pictures I have made, maybe some gifs. Might take requests in the future if people like these. 1. Halloween Cenx. 10/19/14 2. Me vs. Shadow Me All of the above pictures made with Gimp. Sorry if pictures don't show up, the forums seem to have been having trouble...
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