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  1. Necrius

    Ask me anything (except personal stuff)

    Looks like I'm beyond despair if I decided to create this thread. No personal RL info (age, location, etc.)
  2. Necrius


    Not really about the game, but can anyone advise me a youtuber that does a nice thorough let's play of it? Someone with pleasant voice and no facecam, even better if female.
  3. Necrius

    More ways to show off different items

    1) Increase the size of item frame to 3x3 along with item sprite used in it. 2) Pet cage - 6x4 decoration that shows summoned pet occassionally moving inside (would be nice if they also had idle animation or 2 added). Works for light source pets too. 3) Mount stand - 5x5 decoration that shows...
  4. Necrius

    Pause on Settings screen and/or pause button

    Would be a nice QoL change that'll benefit many and discomfort nobody. Autopause is not as convenient as having a single separate button for an urgent break. Also would be nice if the game paused when settings are open regardless of autopause being on or off.
  5. Necrius

    Pet - mecha-bomb

    After getting a squashling in wow and comparing it to Terraria one, I came to a conclusion that Terraria needs a walking bomb pet. Summon item will be sold by Demolitionist for 1 platinum during new moon phase after killing at least one mech boss. The summon item will be called "charred...
  6. Necrius

    Inspired by Pedguin's mage playthrough

    THIS is a mage tower.
  7. Necrius

    Golden duck

    I thought that we should have golden duck critter, but not just decorative as every other precious critter, but with a special ability - once caged, every 5 minutes it will lay a golden egg that can be either sold for 3 gold or made into a "deluxe omelette" food that gives a 60 minute well fed...
  8. Necrius

    Tax collector rescue is not obvious enough?

    I think the procedure of "purifying" Tax Collector is too "Guide, dang it". There's no ingame hint on this (unless I missed some NPC's comment on this), so the only way to learn how to turn Tortured Soul into Tax Collector is to go to the wiki. I think it's not okay.
  9. Necrius

    PC Practical pets

    Since pets in PC version are mostly purely cosmetic, I thought it'd be nice to have pets that have some actual use. For example, make Money Trough a pet item and flying piggy bank following player around, not just hanging in one place. Also baby mimic pet, which also works as portable chest, but...
  10. Necrius

    PC Portal 2 Easter Egg

    I think it should be possible to shoot Portal Gun into the moon and die upon entering a portal with a message "<playername> was craving for SPAAAACE too much". Or even better - Moon biome made of moondust and moonrock with occassional cheese veins.
  11. Necrius

    PC Add an option to place information lines on the left side.

    I like having both minimap and info from accessories open at the same time, but when I do this, the right part of the screen gets too filled up. Why can't we place information under hotbar as usual?
  12. Necrius

    Remote + wireless receiver

    This items allow activating things wirelessly. Receiver works like actuator, but instead of requiring wires and switch/timer, it activates when player is using a remote. No need to put all those wires to blow up explosives! Just put a receiver on it and push the button. When used, remote...
  13. Necrius

    What is your favorite painting in Terraria?

    Name the painting you like the most in Terraria. Mine is "Goblins playing poker".
  14. Necrius

    Feline Assassin vanity helmet

    Vanity headpiece that will serve as a reference to a 90s anime series and nes game (nice ones imo). It will be sold by travelling merchant.
  15. Necrius

    As I see Terraria lore.

  16. Necrius

    Pearl/crim/ebonstone altars

    Exactly what it says on the tin - decorative 3x2 surface furniture pieces. My temple needs a holy altar with a couple of candles to be complete. And, for balance - an evil/bloody altar in case someone wants to build evil temple.
  17. Necrius

    Bamboo and bamboo furniture

    I think bamboo sprout should be added to Travelling merchant's item pool. It's placed on grass like an acorn and grows into tall bamboo "tree" with occasional leaf branches that have a chance to drop a bamboo sprout. When cut with an axe, bamboo tree drops (surprise!) green bamboo, which can be...
  18. Necrius

    Guided and Homing rocket launchers

    Exactly what the title says - either as upgrade for ordinary rocket launcher or as separate item/ammo sold by Cyborg npc. Guided rockets follow the cursor (flying around it when it stays still, much like raven pet around the player), homing rockets home on the closest target or must me locked on...
  19. Necrius

    PC Suggestion for modders - Heretic/Hexen-themed major mod

    I recently remembered this game series and thought that it'd make a good terraria mod. I'm not a coder nor artist, but these old games really need some love. My idea was about adding mobs like ettins, afrits, fire-breathing serpents and slaughtaurs. Weapons like wraithverge (shoots a ball of...
  20. Necrius

    What Terraria 2 OUGHT to have?

    Post what MUST be in Terraria 2 to make you happy? Including stuff from Terraria. I say fedora hat and revolver-type gun.
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