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  1. Casual_Bean

    Console 1.4 Venting!

    So 1.4 finally arrived, and as usual with major console updates its a steaming pile of burnt beans. Let's vent our frustration here!
  2. Casual_Bean

    Xbox One Game crash when 2nd player opens inventory after joining game.

    I really dont know why it happens, but it happens. When player 2 joins the game after i exited to the main menu, the game crashes when player 2 opens their inventory.
  3. Casual_Bean

    Wavebank My very own wavebank!

    so this is my very own wavebank created with this this wave bank contains music from:sonic mania,rpg maker,dbxv,dark souls 2,animal crossing and trove! and heres my wavebank...
  4. Casual_Bean

    Cross-Platform what are the things in games that scared you?

    mine are sinistar and unnecessary jumpscares...."i hunger" "run coward" hughhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
  5. Casual_Bean

    best game you have played!

    Whats the best game you played? mine are timesplitters 2,little big planet 2 ,minecraft and terraria!
  6. Casual_Bean

    Console We need pre generated villages!

    Who's with me!?:D
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