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  1. mastermokkel

    Using shurikens as ammo?

    How would one go about using vanilla shurikens as ammo? I'm currently updating an old mod to the new version (getting back into modding, if you remember Mokkel's Mod you are entitled to a veteran's discount). In the old version, this worked: item.useAmmo = ProjectileID.Shuriken; But when I...
  2. mastermokkel

    WIP My builds or whatever

    Umm.. What do I say here? Oh, yeah, those are my builds. There will be more later, when and if I get time and motivation to do some ;)
  3. mastermokkel

    Coders, spriters and music composers needed for mod!

    Okay, so I'm in the middle of making a mod (link in my signature). I already have a small team of spriters (and a bit of coders) but it would still be awesome to get some more people on the team. Here are the different people that are needed. -Spriters that are good at animations. -Generally...
  4. mastermokkel

    My Characters!

    hOI Hello everyone! I've seen people make their own cool characters, with stories, personality traits, preferred weapons/armor etc etc. So I thought I'd do that too! Tucker: Tucker is a ranger/warrior. He wields a Chlorophyte Shotbow and a KO Cannon. He wears a jetpack and hallowed armor. The...
  5. mastermokkel

    Short Story Obsessive Devotion

    Obsessive Devotion: Story of the Lunatic Cultist Hello everyone! I've seen a lot of lore/backstory threads lately, but none of them cover a boss which I think has a lot of room for a cool backstory; The Lunatic Cultist. So that's what this story is gonna be about! More coming soon! ;)
  6. mastermokkel

    tModLoader Mokkel's Mod v1.0 (Coders and spriters wanted)

    Attention! This mod (and thread) is being severely reworked and updated. Release date is unknown. Currently, the download isn't here. Hello everyone and welcome to Mokkel's Mod Version 1.0 This mod is going to focus a lot on generally expanding the base game of Terraria, by adding new items...
  7. mastermokkel

    Pixel Art mastermokkel's Pixel Art Thread

    mastermokkel's Pixel Art Thread A few weeks ago, I started doing a bit of pixel art. Thought I would share it with you guys! Keep in mind I'm not that good at it yet, but I would like to hear some constructive criticism. Some of these are edited versions of existing sprites, and some of them...
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