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  1. Bigsmokeprobossrich

    My Modded Base So Far

    Apparently, I haven't posted this before, but this is my base from my modded playthrough earlier this year. It's based off my small jungle base from my most recent 1.4 multiplayer playthrough. There is more to the base that isn't in this image, though. I haven't done much to improve the base...
  2. Bigsmokeprobossrich

    My Abominations

    I guess I'll be posting my sprites, boss concepts, and characters for my mod here.
  3. Bigsmokeprobossrich

    Ignore this, as I solved the problem myself

    I made a dust that seemingly gravitates towards the player, but the spawn rectangle appears at the bottom right of my screen. How do I fix this? private void SpawnDusts(Player player) { Dust dust; Vector2 position = Main.LocalPlayer.Center; dust...
  4. Bigsmokeprobossrich

    Ignore this as I have solved pretty much all of the issues

    I noticed that all of the guns that I have coded have an annoying flash in their animation. How do I fix this? I am also trying to add an alternate use to my gun that lifesteals like the Lifedrain. I have no knowledge on how lifesteal projectiles work. The video gives more information on...
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