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  1. inomanoms

    [Showcase/Project] A Compact Fishing Complex and More

    Yes, I know. The 1 tile biome completing block isn't used to avoid biome overlaps in pakratt's build. It is used to be able to define the biomes in one tile wide zones. But the methodology was there, and can be repurposed to prevent biome overlaps, was my point. Apparently the new mini biomes...
  2. inomanoms

    [Showcase/Project] A Compact Fishing Complex and More

    You shouldn't be surprised by this methodology, as it is one that is employed by pakratt in the original build you based yours off of. While your build is more "compact" in overall build size, pakratt's is "compact" in the sense that he managed to place 1 tile wide biomes immediately adjacent...
  3. inomanoms

    tModLoader MechScope - Wiring visualized

    DRKV, Thank you very much for creating MechScope. When Logic Gates came out, I was overwhelmed by a lack of understanding and tried to help myself by reading the "Logic Gates: Order of Operations, Smoke and how to prevent it" guide, but could not comprehend the concepts presented there until...
  4. inomanoms

    PC Idea: "One-Time Use" Pressure Plates?

    Still working on your Castlevania map, Lycos? I was playing 1.4 today and noticed I wasn't picking up what those red pressure plates found in boulder traps when I mined them. Then, I thought, "That can't be--I just mined a red pressure plate from a skeleton statue trap in a cabin." Found...
  5. inomanoms

    Mobile How can I make a logic gate in terraria mobile

    @BrotatoBoi try this: The lone switch next to the door is intended for an input reset/vault door relock, but there's no point in working that out if the basic mechanism doesn't work on mobile. I've invented a new (@DicemanX) tele-hoiking module on the basis of @ZeroGravitas'...
  6. inomanoms

    PC [Showcase] 1.3.3 Streamlined Bidirectional Automatic Airlock

    @DrDawgMax Do you know the number of pumpings required to fill the airlock?
  7. inomanoms

    Underwater Base/Airlock Issue - Can't Get Liquid Sensor Working

    @LexiPixeL See here:
  8. inomanoms

    Mobile How can I make a logic gate in terraria mobile

    It is definately possible with hoiks. A discussion as to how to create logic gates with hoiks was one of the first on this social forum. Preemptive to the 1.3 update, I created a sort of legacy post on how to create universal gates with hoiks in the Guides forum. There is, of course, DicemanX's...
  9. inomanoms

    PC Hello, I wonder how I can do this :(

    You are looking for a reset mechanism. I think these can be achieved with faulty (gate) lamps. Unfortunately, I only know how to do this with hoiks. Nvm. I found it. Here: The big lever in the picture is...
  10. inomanoms

    How Teleporters *should* work (As opposed to how they DO work)

    @AlexanderStarship Simplifying teleporter wiring has been suggested by many many people, but for some reason Redigit remains adamant, that teleporter wiring should remain a manual thing.
  11. inomanoms

    PC Auto teleporters and spawn changers

    @BlueJay_T_Gaming Still confused. I require a little more context. Is the left teleporter supposed to be, for instance, the start of a map, and the right teleporter a "level 1" separated from the left teleporter by bounding walls, in which context you would not be able to return to the left...
  12. inomanoms

    PC Auto teleporters and spawn changers

    I do not understand the intention of this mechanism. A spawn point can only be changed with a bed. Are you trying to make one way teleportation?
  13. inomanoms

    [Showcase/Project] A Compact Fishing Complex and More

    No problems. Sure, what you would say would work. But the spacing has been done in the way it has to be so that the biomes in the fishing area are all a uniform 5 spaces wide and that the biome determining blocks fit in a neat package of equal height despite having different minimum required...
  14. inomanoms

    [Showcase/Project] A Compact Fishing Complex and More

    @condacis, Welcome to the T-MEC forum. I believe the strategic spreading out of the snow blocks in the build has been done to satisfy two conditions: 1) To provide a snow biome for fishing in an appropriate vertical space of the build, and 2) To prevent the crimson/corruption from spreading...
  15. inomanoms

    PC A Wiring Tip a Day

    Thank you very much for this. Ever since the implementation of logic gates in Terraria, I have been dreading taking the time to understand them. Although I have not had digested all of the information in this thread, I am confident it will be an invaluable resource to me in the future.
  16. inomanoms

    PC Teleporters and sensors, how do they work with each other?

    You are you are using ceiling hoiks. Turn them around to floor hoiks, and the delay will only be one tick.
  17. inomanoms

    PC A Wiring Tip a Day

    Are you going to be continuing this guide?
  18. inomanoms

    Happy Birthday.

    Happy Birthday.
  19. inomanoms

    PC [Finished!] Castlevania SOTN. A To-Scale Replica of Dracula's Castle.

    Careful of cut pasting dummys. At least with TEdit a while ago, it would move the sprite, but not delete the original dummy ghost, result being that I would always place the dummys in game.
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