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  1. xXCrypticNightXx

    PC Christmas lights don't reflect correct colors on the map.

    Recently had to use blue Xmas bulbs for a shade of yellow on the mini-map. As you can see, on the map, bulbs actually represent RGB based on the Y-Axis. Supposed To look like: What it actually looks like:
  2. xXCrypticNightXx

    Pixel Art Every Unique Possible Tile/Wall Color Combination (Map-Overlay)

    A while back I had created a tool that could assist in the creation of pixelarts. In doing so, I needed to get a collection of colors for the software to use within an color filter. Doing some reverse-engineering and way too much coding, I have managed to grab each block/wall color as they would...
  3. xXCrypticNightXx

    Issues with sections of the official Terraria wiki

    Could not find a particular "good" place to post this and it seems to be only a few pages that get effected, but I wanted to report an issue with some page javascript. If you navigate to the Class_setups wiki page guide, you will see some strange events happening to the "more" dropdown. This...
  4. xXCrypticNightXx

    What version was Terraria added to steam?

    I have been looking for some early depots of the game. I know at some point there was a website where you could buy physical copies of the game such as the collectors edition. Make's me actually wonder if the game was always on steam? The earliest version I can find is 1.1.2.
  5. xXCrypticNightXx

    Serious New Update (Patch it seems) came out today whats new?

    The update was 9KB it seems small but in coding that's ALLOT. I noticed this happened a few weeks back. From what I can see without doing a code review, is the following. Visually, this is what they added two weeks ago. Visually today, this is what they added. I know this seems not to be...
  6. xXCrypticNightXx

    New Update (Patch it seems) came out today whats new?

    The update was 9KB it seems small but in coding that's ALLOT. I noticed this happened a few weeks back. From what I can see without doing a code review, is the following. Visually, this is what they added two weeks ago. Visually today, this is what they added. I know this seems not to be...
  7. xXCrypticNightXx

    Who else missed the leak to a potential 1.4.4 update?

    Hints to an update 1.4.4 have been made on Twitter from Whitney Spinks on this Tweet she made on the 9th of February that has a test/debug build of version "1.4.4 roo3 DEBUG". What are yawls thoughts?
  8. xXCrypticNightXx

    How To Get The Original Tutorial World From Mobile/Console

    ( About: As many might not know, within the very early years of Terraria, there existed an official "Tutorial World" created by the developers. This world was accessed via a tutorial button and could not be saved to a file. Over the years, terraria has switched to ingame...
  9. xXCrypticNightXx

    Please Add Wire Bulb's Color To The Minimap/Overlay Map!

    This change would allow us mechanical engineers who play this game to create some pretty cool animated colored displays. This would not be too difficult to code into the game. Depending on what color the bulb is, it would reflect that block color as such. Red = Red pixel on map Red + Blue =...
  10. xXCrypticNightXx

    Serious Weird Mature Strings In The Source Code

    While doing some testing for TileFrameData, I have come across this what I assume is "unused" code within TerrariaServer.exe. I assume this was used for testing and never actually removed after release. Terraria.UI.InGamePopups Not sure if this was intended to be left here, and I know devs...
  11. xXCrypticNightXx

    Tool TerrariaDepotDownloader - Downgrade To ANY Version!

    v1.8.5 for Terraria 1.1.2 1.2X 1.3X 1.4X+ This application allows you to downgrade your game to any of the past game versions where the steam manifest IDs are known. This application is NOT a pirate tool and requires users to already own the game. If you like my work feel free to...
  12. xXCrypticNightXx

    PC How To Downgrade A World From 1.4 Back To 1.3

    Trivia So, why am I here today? I want to share something that I have never seen someone release anything for. The problem is attempting to downgrade the Terraria worlds from 1.4 down to 1.3. From doing research and looking through some files, it appears that 1.4 has redesigned how the world...
  13. xXCrypticNightXx

    PC Terraria: 24x24 Pixelbox Bad Apple!! (The true triumph of engineering)

    I have been working on a functional 24x24 pixelbox display for some great time now. Large shoutout to @Paul From T-MEC who designed the display. Using his base design I created a mobile version of it for the allowance of additions and applications to be built off of it. I decided to get with...
  14. xXCrypticNightXx

    The odds of you generating a random special world?

    Is there a chance you could generate a special world seed (example 5162020) from clicking generate world with a random seed? What would these odds be?
  15. xXCrypticNightXx

    Is it possible to create custom T-Edit plugins?

    Hello everyone! I been working on a build in game and need to use external images to determine where to places something. I believe the easiest way to do this is to create a tedit plugin. Is it possible to write a script or do you have to do it before recompiling the entire project?
  16. xXCrypticNightXx

    Tool TerrariaImageStitcher - Image Stitcher For Terraria's Image Packer

    Terraria Image Stitcher is a tool for combining images created from Terraria's in-game screenshot tool without the image packer setting enabled. Terraria has added the ability for in-game screenshots for since the release of This tool aims to aid in the stitching (combining) of the...
  17. xXCrypticNightXx

    PC Snake Minigame Using a 24x24 Pixelbox Display

    Hello everyone, today I'm sharing my snake game running on a 24x24 pixelbox display. The main goal of this project was to allow practical usage of a 24x24 pixel box display. I have worked with another user here @Paul and he allowed me a copy of one of his projects. I have transformed this build...
  18. xXCrypticNightXx

    PC I made a tool that can create insane world sized pixel arts.

    Greetings everyone! Today I decided to show this tool/mod off that you can upload an image into and create insane pixel arts as schematics. How does this differ from preexisting online convertors? Well this is kind of complex. This tool I originally created for a 3d game named Castle Miner Z...
  19. xXCrypticNightXx

    Tool [v0.2] TerrariaSoundBar - Worlds First Guitar Studio Macro Tool

    ◥The Official Terraria Sound Bar◤ ◥Super Easy GUI Gets The Job Done Fast◤ Changes: Changes since version V. 0.1 - First Pre-Release; - Added Some Bug Fixes Changes since version V. 0.2...
  20. xXCrypticNightXx

    [Hardcore] Masters n' Chill Anyone? Seeded - Looking for duo buddy.

    I have concluded that the steam forums are a waste of time for finding actual quality players in the sense of simulator interests. I'm making a post here to welcome anyone willing to attempt this with me. I do not care how good you are as long as you're dedicated. Feel free to leave your GT...
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