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  1. Sirine

    Mobile Need help on list of vegetable or fruits in Terraria.

    Hey guys. I need a list of fruits or vegi available in Terraria Mobile. For kids educational purposes. Thanks in advance. Currently I know. Apple, bananarang, carrot, pumpkin, blueberry, …
  2. Sirine

    Mobile Brain of Cthulhu in Network play bugs.

    Note: In 2 player mode (Network Play) Summoned Brain of Cthulhu, Creepers does not appear at client mobile devices. Impossible for client mobile to attack Brain of Cthulhu. 1st initial Brain of Cthulhu appear ok, and Creepers shows at client. The 2nd or summoned Brain of Cthulhu does not show...
  3. Sirine

    Mobile Day and night cycle for Mobile.

    From Mobile Time The Mobile version features a different day/night cycle that occurs at a dynamic rate. In order to accommodate the shorter play times that mobile game sessions tend to entail, day and night last for shorter overall periods, and boss or event fights can...
  4. Sirine

    Mobile Where to find 'purple slime' in mobile Terraria?

    Are world size matter? Biome? Dept level? Seems that I have encounter a few pinky rather than this 'ultra rare purple slime'. Help! Thanks.!:dryadpassionate:
  5. Sirine

    Mobile A Knight in Shining Armors Achievement.

    After referring to [this]. Equip all the listed armor in the equipment slot (not vanity slot), exit the inventory screen and saved. Repeat for all armor. (Include all the helm variance.) But I still unable to obtain the Achievment. :( Any suggestion?
  6. Sirine

    Mobile Slimer Achievement

    How to tell if already killed how many type of slime? Beside manually record 1 by 1.
  7. Sirine

    Mobile New Update Causes Terraria to Crash When Entering World

    Game version:- Google Play 12772, In game shows 12773 (Latest update) I have a rooted device, which I did backup of my game (Character+World) daily. Below link have 3 difference date backup of my current world. None of it work. However creating a new world works. The character save are all...
  8. Sirine

    Mobile Angler Rewards?

    Yeah, I know there were bugs, in 1.2.4 mobile. My question is. If I spend 4 hours real-world time to complete 10 fishing quest "in-a-row" will I get the Fuzzy Carrot as rewards? [Fuzzy Carrot at 10, Angler outfit pieces at 20, 30, and 40 quests, and the Golden Fishing Rod at 50 quests.] 20...
  9. Sirine

    Mobile Having trouble to get lightning bugs, here is how.

    1) Put 1 row of dirt. (101 blocks. Above or at surface) 2) Use Hallow Seeds to create Hallow biome. (Plant some tree, if you like) 3) Build a valid small 6x10 house on 2/3 of the row. 4) Put King or Queens or both statue in the house. 5) Block the door with wood wall. (No connection - Not...
  10. Sirine

    Mobile Theory of getting Rare Drop.

    1) Save your money. 2) Get-youself-killed (lava, or fly high, remove wings and drop to die) Very important: The get-youself-killed is to RESET the internal counter of mob kills. 3) Do not summon any helper minions or light pet. 4) Get to your favour mob (Paladin example) for the Paladin's...
  11. Sirine

    Mobile In order to let Steampunk to sell Steampunk Boiler.

    Mobile Version: 11977 (Version History) Date: 6-May-2016 If you happend to have Steampunk missing selling Steampunk Boilder. And really wanted to get one. Follow these steps:- 1) Get a mechnical boss summoning item. (Any 1 of 3 mechnical boss.) 2) An Eye of Cthulhu summoning item. 3) Create a...
  12. Sirine

    Mobile How to make staircase?

    By the way, anyone know how to make staircase?
  13. Sirine

    Mobile Welcome to suggest on equipment to beat Plantera.

    As per TerraNova suggested. A new post for equipment preparation to deal with Plantera. (Melee) --------- Weapons - Mushroom Spear (Godly) Armor - Frost Melee set. Accessories: Lightning Boots (Can't seems to find an ice skates) Fire Gauntlet Obsidian Shield (Swap with Charm of Myths if...
  14. Sirine

    Mobile Waterleaf Seed Harvesting Q&A.

    Mobile Version: 11977 (Version History) Date: 25-Apr-2016 1) Creating a Coral farm along with the Waterleaf farm are a good combination for farming. (To make Sonar Potion.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mobile Version: 11965 (Version...
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