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  1. Icybow73

    PC Boss Health Bar Revamp

    The Boss health bar, and addition in 1.4 is a great addition, but it could be much better. Here are some of my ideas: Hovering over the health bar shows the exact health, or health is displayed on the bar itself Allow there to be multiple health bars on the screen at once, and have them side by...
  2. Icybow73

    Mobile Saves not recognized

    I got a new phone for Christmas and I'm trying to move my players and worlds to my new phone, but the characters aren't recognized, not even their names. Both versions are the same, including the build, and I loaded each character on each world to see if they needed to be updated, then moved...
  3. Icybow73

    Otherworld OST album missing a track?

    Yesterday, I was doing a little preparing for mech bosses in my normal 100 health challenge, and I had the otherworld soundtrack playing instead of the regular, and got a guide voodoo doll so I thought I would fight the wall of flesh for fun. The wall of flesh (otherworldly) track is nothing...
  4. Icybow73

    PC Official otherworld texture pack

    Or at least an otherworld style texture pack?
  5. Icybow73

    PC Make the otherworld soundtrack an option, not a world trait

    I think the soundtrack for otherworld should be in the audio settings rather than being something tied to the world. I love the soundtrack, but I dont like that I have to wait until much later in the game just so I can temporarily change the music.
  6. Icybow73

    PC Allow NPCs to hold and use weapons given to them by the player

    Title. Maybe allow NPCs to hold weapons from a class that they suggest? The current weapons they use doesnt really help defend themselves, so why cant the player give them an upgrade? Maybe have some NPCs prefer weapons from a specific class, like the guide uses a bow and arrow, so he could use...
  7. Icybow73

    Resolved Paladins are not spawning in post plantera dungeon

    ive had a water candle going and ive been killing enemies for 30 minutes and have not had a single paladin spawn. anyone else having this issue?
  8. Icybow73

    PC More Otherworld stuff

    I watched the otherworld teasers on Re-Logic's youtube channel, and the swing grappling mechanic looks really cool and useful. Maybe add it as a hook obtainable in Early Hardmode. Also, i saw that there was a contraption that looked like it cleansed a section of a world automatically. Maybe add...
  9. Icybow73

    I think mobile will be able to connect with PC after what i did yesterday

    Yesterday I was playing around with dedicated servers, and hosted one as a test to see if it would work, and to see how it would work. The server was for PC, but mobile was able to see it, and was able to attempt to connect, and the server console was able to see the mobile device trying to...
  10. Icybow73

    Which soundtrack do you like better?

    Title. I prefer the Otherworld soundtrack because it makes the game feel like an adventure and really fits with the game at any point in progression.
  11. Icybow73

    Mobile Moon lord's head tentacles change brightness when far enough away

    I was fighting moonlord a bit ago, and noticed that his head tentacles were changing brightness when almost off the screen This is when they are normal (they are at the top left) This is when the brightness is decreased Note I'm playing on bare minimum graphics
  12. Icybow73

    **REPORTED** Custom button layout bug

    It isnt game breaking, but whenever I press the 'lock on' button with a different button layout, the text that says "no targets" appears on the spot where the lock on button is with the default layout.
  13. Icybow73

    Mobile Show your custom button layout here

    I'm curious to see what kind of custom layouts people use. This one's mine. What is yours?
  14. Icybow73

    PC Plantera pot

    Plantera is the only boss in the game without a spawning item, and frankly it needs one, as I dont want to go to one side of the jungle opposite to my main arena. My idea is that the clay pot can turn into a plantera pot when one is holding the pot, and clicks a bulb with it. The bulb will...
  15. Icybow73

    Does anyone know

    If the game will be cross compatible with all devices that will get 1.4. I already know that mobile and pc are cross compatible as long as pc downgrades their game to, but I was thinking if console, mobile, and pc will be able to play together at once. Does anyone know if Re-logic...
  16. Icybow73

    Did something change, or am i just having bad luck

    I'm trying to get daedaleus stormbows for me and my friend for the mech bosses in expert. I've killed 14 hallowed mimics, not a single one. I've gotten 5 flying knives, a crystal something, and the rest are hooks. Do the stormbows come from somewhere else now? Or am I just having terrible luck
  17. Icybow73

    PC The ability to change color scheme of the last prism

    I just thought about this, and after seeing some character names that could change the color of the terraprisma, last prism, etc, none of them had the color that would appeal to me. What I'm suggesting is an option to change the color of these items from rainbow to a solid color, or changing...
  18. Icybow73

    PC True sheild of cthulhu

    I dont have a Sprite to show, but it would do about double damage of the regular sheild of cthulhu or maybe just 100 base damage, dash would be twice as fast and further, and gives 5 defence. Crafted with 5 luminite bars, a broken hero sword, and a sheild of cthulhu. Will obviously be an expert...
  19. Icybow73

    Enchanted sword shrines

    Im having trouble finding enchanted sword shrines I get that Re logic made it so that they are rarer, and can possibly not spawn at all, but im creating large worlds and im not finding any. Are there any tips on what to look for/how to find one?
  20. Icybow73

    Meteroites are not spawning after EoW is killed in the 05162020 seed

    I dont know if i have to beat the BoC as well, but i just broke a shadow orb after midnight after the EoW is defeated and no meteorites spawned. there are no sky bridges or anything obscuring the surface. This was done on the 0516202 seed that has both evil biomes present
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