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  1. Revolyze

    PS5 Journey 'Search' for duplicating is case sensitive.

    This caused a lot of confusion and headaches until I realized I have to search with capital letters initially. PS5 will use capital for the first letter by default, but if you use a keyboard that won't be obvious that you have to hold shift and there could be many other cases where this might...
  2. Revolyze

    PS4 Single player split-screen: Bugs for the second player.

    System: PS5. Update: latest, v1. Build 759 Only one boss bag drops (presumably for the main player, second player can take it though) Traveling merchant doesn't sell any items for second player as well. Goblin archers cannot hit the second player with arrows. Edit: Demon's attack too...
  3. Revolyze

    tModLoader Floor Is Lava - Mod

    Floor Is Lava Anything man-made is safe to stand on, but the floor will hurt you. The idea really is just to play Terraria differently with a handicap, kind of similar to people who do the merfolk or dwarf challenges. Generally all the blocks you find in abundance will hurt to touch, but wood...
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