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  1. ozzcln

    PS4 Multiplayer question

    Sorry if misplaced but wasnt sure where to ask and comment this. Was spliscreen + online multi removed or just not looked at? I ask because I help my nephews online while they do splitscreen and its always been fine. Aside from some lag, entirely my side 100% and not ya'll, it does good. Again...
  2. ozzcln

    Drawings & Paintings Some scribblings

    Hello everyone. I'll be straight forward with this: I primarily do sketches of just whatever strikes me though they usually end up being from requests. It generally takes awhile to actually do them as I have to want to do that particular sketch. I use pencils about 95% and the other 5% charcoal...
  3. ozzcln

    PS4 Some minor update bugs

    First let me say awesome update and due to the size bugs are to be expected so by no means is this a complaint. I either overlooked or just havent seen these listed. Map data for all my worlds blanked. Which I suspect due to the inability to share coverage with others, just putting it out...
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