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  1. Sqyke

    CC Creation Compendium #87

    Good entries all around! Though RIDZ's Plantera pet takes the cake for me. Its dumb little smile is just too cute and I genuinely love it.
  2. Sqyke

    [ATTACH](Since others are still submitting after December, I assume you can submit until the...

    (Since others are still submitting after December, I assume you can submit until the next compendium rolls out) Here's my entry! Some Terrarians wearing the tail-for-legs vanity sets on a hot day.
  3. Sqyke

    Terraria: Journey's End Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

    So I downloaded the update, and quickly found out that you can finally aim reliably in 360 degrees with the joystick. It used to "snap" to 8 directions previously, and you really had to move your joystick carefully to get in-between those 8. I've wanted this for so long, incredibly happy it was...
  4. Sqyke

    Terraria: Journey's End Vanity Contest Winners!

    Yooo the cute Capricorn one made it in! I didn't know I wanted something like that in the game until I saw it, but after I saw it that was pretty much the only thing I wanted in the game after that point, heh. The fact that we get 5 sets instead of just 3 is also awesome, I already see lots of...
  5. Sqyke

    Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

    I've always wanted some sort of winged cosmetic, and I feel this would fit that quota quite well. The legs are a little bit smaller than usual and would need to get rid of the players legs, like the mermaid tail and silly flower costume does, and the headpiece would get rid of your hair. Keep...
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