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  1. Storm Dragonica

    Drawings & Paintings Storm's Terraria Artwork Portfolio

    ey im back Regardless, hello everyone. I'm Storm Dragonica, feel free to refer to me as Storm. This is basically a compilation of my Terraria artworks, which I will need later on (surely hope this won't die in like, a week?). Anyway, before I jump right in, I would like to elaborate on some...
  2. Storm Dragonica

    "Don't you just love it when..."

    Feel free to share your "Don't you just love it when..." moments. For those that don't understand, it's basically sharing an experience you've received thatis really bad/embarassing causing you to develop sarcasm. Here's mine: Don't you just love it when you forgot some major preparations for...
  3. Storm Dragonica

    Pure Summoner Challenge [1.2/Mobile]

    After completing my very first summoner run (which is insanely raging), I figured out why not try another one. Incoming the PURE summoner challenge. Doing this in mobile, cuz it's still in 1.2, and it's harder without those Deadly Sphere Staff and etc (another reason is that it's the only...
  4. Storm Dragonica

    Mobile Help with Frost Moon

    So... yeah, I am having trouble with this frosty event. So, I am trying to farm the Frost Moon for the Snowball Cannon and the Blizzard Staff (and potentially, Scourge of the Corruptor, which I want for my collection) which Ice Queen won't drop it for me, the most waves I can get to is 12, which...
  5. Storm Dragonica

    Expanding on the Ranger sub-class : Throwing.

    Alright, I know this have been suggested for like, a million times? Okay, probably not, the amount of threads here don't exceed that amount. Anyway, throwing have always been a rather interesting class to me. Firstly, is the range of difficulty on getting it and the damage. Shurikens and...
  6. Storm Dragonica

    Mobile Tips on how to defeat mechanical bosses and Plantera? [SUMMONER]

    Just started a summoner run, at first, I thought this will be easy, until the Destroyer crushed my hope. I'm wondering how do I defeat them? I'm working on the mechanical bosses right now, here's my equipment : 1. Godly Imp Staff, this is to fight the Twins, as they are airborne, and my spiders...
  7. Storm Dragonica

    Mobile Which feature from 1.3 are you the most excited about?

    Which feature you are the most excited for 1.3? For me, it's the Martian Madness event, lunar events (with the Moon Lord) and weapons such as Solar Eruption, Daybreak, Meowmere, Star Wrath and Last Prism. What's yours?
  8. Storm Dragonica

    Terraria Challenge : A Different Kind of Melee

    While I'm waiting for 1.3 to come to the mobile platform, I figured, hey, why not make ANOTHER challenge for myself, and this is the result : "A DIFFERENT KIND OF MELEE" challenge. Basically, the only weapons you can use must be a type of boomerangs (Flamarang, Thorn Chakram, etc), flails...
  9. Storm Dragonica

    Mobile Am I the only one that have problems with Golem?

    I read a few posts regarding this one gigantic creature of a rock, and most others said it is a joke, or it's not powerful at all. To me, it's the exact opposite, I took way more tries on Golem that on Plantera, who I only need 10 tries to defeat. Meanwhile, for Golem, I require 15 tries. Why...
  10. Storm Dragonica

    Artificial Intelligent (Brain of Cthulhu's Mechanical Version)

    I've been wondering why Brain of Cthulhu never appeared as a mechanical boss variant when it's sibling, the Eater of Worlds appeared as The Destroyer. The Eye of Cthulhu and Skeletron, being The Twins and Skeleton Prime. The Brain of Cthulhu is basically left out! There should be a hard mode...
  11. Storm Dragonica

    Cthulhu Boss

    As you travel through the world of Terraria, you encounter monsters, superior monsters, in fact, some of them have the word "Cthulhu" in front of them. Namely Eye of Cthulhu and Brain of Cthulhu, the said creature's remain a mystery, if we have something to revive it, can we effectively stop all...
  12. Storm Dragonica

    Storm Dragonica Signing In

    Sup. I just joined two days ago, so I'm a little late on the introduction here. Regardless, I should introduce myself, I'm Storm Dragonica, still an amateur to the world of Terraria. I joined the forums for the purpose of asking questions n' stuff, and potentially joining challenges. Anyway...
  13. Storm Dragonica

    Resolved [MOBILE] Can a Murderous Muramasa be crafted into The Night's Edge?

    Can a Murderous Muramasa (not the regular Muramasa) be made into the Night's Edge. I don't want to surf the dungeons again. Reason why I'm paranoid is that because when I tried to combine Rocket Boots and Jagged Hermes Boots, the Jagged Hermes Boots doesn't count. So I'm wondering if the same...
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