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  1. jimbojones27

    Contest [Challenge] Rain detector

    Let’s make a rain detector. I think the key to this is a fish statue.
  2. jimbojones27

    Blood moon detector

    Sleep deprived me made a blood moon detector. It’s way too complicated for what it does. It works on the principle that you can spawn as many corrupt/vicious penguins as you want but only 3 normal penguins any other time. If it counts 3 penguins it waits until the timer runs out- the timer...
  3. jimbojones27

    Item sorters

    Idk how useful this is but this is a specific item sorter- better than just being able to sort by size
  4. jimbojones27

    Mobile Server crashing exploit

    This machine can crash servers v easily. Crashed mine v quickly so might need a fix. I don’t think this is exclusive to mobile
  5. jimbojones27

    AFK Prismatic lacewing farm [17.5/h]

    AYYYYY I finally made something that might, maybe just maybe be useful to someone. This is the first draft so wires are all over the place so I am certain someone could make this prettier. How the farm works. The AFK player sits swinging his gold bugnet on this pillar above a teleporter with...
  6. jimbojones27

    Gold Mouse afk farm

    For those who are struggling to get the gold mouse in the bestiary and there are a lot of snails. I threw this together fairly quickly, wasn't sure how fast enemies despawn on the other side of teleporter but thought 4 ticks would be enough. That weird timer is a 1/4 second. On top of the...
  7. jimbojones27

    Horseman’s blade + invulnerability arena for 1.4+

    I decided I’d try and combine an invulnerability machine (creds to whoever thought of this first it’s brilliant) with a horseman’s blade statue arena. It is however not perfect as often a crab or two is left behind and the pumpkins begin to target those which is not great. During MM frost moon...
  8. jimbojones27

    AFK strange plant farm

    I made quite a lazy unsophisticated strange plant farm. It is 100% afk and completely passive so can be turned on whilst doing other things. It’s lazy as I didn’t put any thought into the timings which probably could’ve been faster. Anyway it works like this there are a lot of dirt layers with...
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