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    tModLoader Magic Storage

    Hey got another error. Now when i open the magic storage in singleplayer this happens: Yeah i think i'm done with this mod till it updates too many issues. Is an amazing mod when it works but that isn't very often hadn't even got to Skeletron yet and had 4 crashes all when entering the...
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    tModLoader Magic Storage

    Hey, are you using tModloader, if so what mods do you have enabled when playing and is it on multiplayer or single player? When me and my girlfriend play we are getting the same issue (With multiplayer hasn't happened yet in singleplayer) and was wondering if it was mod conflict or something My...
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    tModLoader Magic Storage

    I got the same error when opening the storage heart my girlfriend also got that same error a little bit later we can use it sometimes but other times it crashes with that error (I am using tModloader not tPatcher) and am unsure why this is happening i do have quite a few mods enabled but none...
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    Multiplayer map sharing

    Hey i was just curious if there was a Multiplayer map sharing mod that shares discovered locations on the map with all players on the server. Me and my girlfriend have been playing for ages and would just love to discover the whole map without us both having to go there (Between us we have...
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    tModLoader Even More Modifiers Relaunch Beta

    Hey just to let you know the mod isn't working on multiplayer i keep getting stuck at "Sending Player Data..." and that's as far as i get. I narrowed it down to the even more modifiers mod. Would of been nice to use it in multiplayer.
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    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

    Hey i'm having some trouble with multiplayer. I create the world just fine. And the player, i can play on singleplayer without any trouble but when creating a server and trying to connect it gets stuck on "Sending Player Data..." in the server cmd it says player connecting then that goes on...
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