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  1. WingedOracle

    Do you think that Terraria is dying?

    Since Otherworld was cancelled, and no sight of 1.3.6, do you think that Terraria's final update is soon?
  2. WingedOracle

    Maybe a way to play older updates?

    ok but idk where to put this So I think that a way to play the older updates of the game, similar what Minecraft or Cuphead has, would be ideal for Terraria. You'd probably change the version via settings, idk. Also, it'd shut up the hardcore Console/Mobile/PVP players and make them stop...
  3. WingedOracle

    Other Literature Weird stories that are made as a joke

    ay lmao, it's a group of short stories that are jokes Update: Added new story title!
  4. WingedOracle

    Hi there!

    I'm WingedOracle, and recently, I've been addicted to Terraria. I hope that this site is great!
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