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  1. Shyguymask

    tModLoader How Calamity (and similar mods) could best balance Summoner Whips

    Here's my idea on how to best balance Whips in not just Calamity but content pack mods similar to it (but focusing in Calamity because it's the only one I played besides Thorium). First of all, keep Whip stacking in. Whip stacking and other "hidden or unintended" techniques in video games as a...
  2. Shyguymask

    1.4.3 Summoner Minion, Whip & Armor In-Depth Tier List

    Summoner in 1.3 was such a bad joke. The majority of the minions were weak and stupid & unreliable, and there were few of them. Summoner was by far the weakest class in the game, in fact it was blatantly unfinished. That all changed with Journey's End, by not only introducing many new minions...
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